HyperloopTT Unleashes Next-Gen Express Freight: The Future of Cargo in 13.2 Seconds

November 3, 2023
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tangerine becomes design partner to HyperloopTT

HyperloopTT is on the brink of flipping the script on freight transport. They’ve rolled out their HyperloopTT Express Freight, and it’s not your average hauler. Think of it as the Usain Bolt of cargo capsules, designed to load and unload at breakneck speeds—13.2 seconds flat. That’s less time than it takes to tie your shoes!

Andrés de León of HyperloopTT is stoked, and rightly so. He says, “Hyperloop Express Freight will fundamentally transform how goods are transported globally.” Picture a world where your packages zip around faster than a pizza delivery scooter and cheaper than a plane ticket.

Now, let’s talk design. Matt Round from tangerine, the firm behind the design, gets it. He’s all about speed, not just in the hyperloop zooming along but in getting goods on and off. “Our research made it clear that every creative thought we had, and every design decision we made should contribute to reducing the time it takes to move freight from dispatch to delivery,” he says. That’s some laser-focused design philosophy right there.

HyperloopTT’s new kit is like a bazooka for cargo. It’s got staggered doors that work like a charm for quick loading and the Collins Rollerball system—think of it as a conveyor belt on steroids. Plus, it plays nice with the current infrastructure, so it’s not about reinventing the wheel.

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Economically, it’s a no-brainer. The Great Lakes Feasibility Study gives it a thumbs up, saying it’s a wallet-friendly alternative to air and road transport. And with the freight industry expected to nearly double by 2030, HyperloopTT is timing their entrance like a boss.

Sustainability? Check. This baby is green, cutting down on the carbon footprint while still breaking speed records. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, but for the planet.

HyperloopTT isn’t new to the game. They’ve got patents galore, a full-scale test system in France, and now, a juicy €800 million to kickstart the first commercial hyperloop in Italy. Talk about leveling up.

The collab with tangerine is a match made in design heaven. They’ve cooked up a capsule that’s all about maximizing space with doors that slide up and over—clever, right? It’s like Tetris for freight, making every inch count.

So, what’s the bottom line? HyperloopTT Express Freight is set to shake up the shipping world with its slick, speedy, and sustainable system. It’s a glimpse into the future of logistics, and let me tell you, the future is looking pretty darn fast.

Sunita Somvanshi

With over two decades of dedicated service in the state environmental ministry, this seasoned professional has cultivated a discerning perspective on the intricate interplay between environmental considerations and diverse industries. Sunita is armed with a keen eye for pivotal details, her extensive experience uniquely positions her to offer insightful commentary on topics ranging from business sustainability and global trade's environmental impact to fostering partnerships, optimizing freight and transport for ecological efficiency, and delving into the realms of thermal management, logistics, carbon credits, and energy transition. Through her writing, she not only imparts valuable knowledge but also provides a nuanced understanding of how businesses can harmonize with environmental imperatives, making her a crucial voice in the discourse on sustainable practices and the future of industry.

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