Perseverance Rover Unearths a Mysterious Celestial Donut on Mars

June 29, 2023
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Source: The SETI Institute, Twitter

The Perseverance Rover has discovered an intriguing donut-shaped rock on Mars, known as the “Cacao” meteorite. The donut-shaped rock, with a hole in its center, is surrounded by similar-hued rocks, indicating a potential common origin. The SETI Institute suggests that the donut-shaped rock on Mars could be a large meteorite accompanied by smaller pieces, expanding the possibilities beyond Mars. The finding of potential meteorites, such as the donut-shaped rock on Mars, is not unprecedented. Shortly after its touchdown in February 2021, Perseverance identified another potential meteorite, including the donut-shaped rock. The Curiosity Rover, Perseverance’s predecessor, has also discovered several space rocks on Mars since its arrival in 2012, including the metallic meteorite called “Cacao” found in February of this year.

Interestingly, the Mars rover has encountered a pastry like rock even before. In 2014, NASA’s Opportunity rover observed a stone that resembled a jelly donut with a white exterior and red interior. Perseverance is currently exploring the Jezero Crater, which was once home to a lake and river delta billions of years ago. The rover aims to characterize the ancient environment and search for signs of past life. Working alongside Perseverance is the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, which successfully demonstrated the possibility of aerial exploration on the Red Planet. Ingenuity is now on an extended mission, scouting routes and interesting scientific targets for Perseverance to investigate.

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The Jezero Crater, located in the Isisi Planitia, a flat plain just north of Mars’ equator, holds significant scientific interest. Scientists believe that water filled the crater in the past, creating a lake through which river channels could have flowed. Evidence suggests that clay minerals were transported by water from the surrounding area into the crater lake. Perseverance’s discoveries, including evidence of past organic matter and signs of a flowing river, have prompted scientists to reconsider their understanding of Mars’ past environment. The rover’s laser was used to analyze a smaller meteorite shortly after landing. Perseverance’s mission partner, the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, has completed over 50 flights, aiding scientists in their quest to learn more about the planet and identify sites of interest for further exploration. As Perseverance continues its mission on Mars, we can anticipate more intriguing discoveries that will expand our knowledge of the planet’s history and potential for life.

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