NASA Scientists Puzzled by Unusual Circles Found on Mars by Reconnaissance Orbiter

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The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter by NASA, has shot a series of pictures of Mars that have left top scientists at the agency perplexed. The captured images show several sand dunes that shape up into perfect circles on the surface of the red planet. A phenomenon that NASA claims to be unusual. As per NASA, the sand dunes are still a little asymmetrical, which indicates that sand generally moves to the south, but the winds may be variable.

The images were a part of a series aimed at monitoring how frost disappears in the late winter, and they come across to be free of frost. Previously captured images of the same spot showed the surface covered in frost, leading to the image of the “bear face” on Mars going viral on Earth.

Recently, NASA’s Asteroid Watch announced the discovery of a giant rock, currently named “2023 DW,” which might collide with Earth in 2046. The asteroid might have a very little chance of impacting Earth, but NASA is monitoring it closely and will be updating predictions as more data comes in.

Whenever new objects are first discovered, it takes many weeks of data and calculations to reduce the uncertainties and predict their precise orbits years into the future. NASA’s findings on Mars and ongoing tracking work of asteroids are part of the agency’s extensive efforts to understand the universe and maintain the safety of our planet.

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