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One More Tesla Competitor Enters US With It’s First Deliveries

Vietnamese EV maker VinFast has delivered its first batch of 45 cars to customers in California. This marks its official entry into the US market and its first international sales outside Vietnam. These limited edition VF 8 City Edition SUVs were a part of the 999 automobiles the company imported to the US in December 202. The EVs were delivered to nine VinFast showrooms across California and came along with a 10-year warranty for vehicles and batteries Vinfast is also providing an all-time roadside assistance service. VinFast has also reduced the lease price on the VF8 electric crossover by 50%, in an attempt to compete with other competitors like Tesla.

Earlier VinFast had faced delays in preparing the vehicles for delivery, which resulted in anguish and frustration from early reservation holders. The company also came across sharp criticism when it decided to lower the battery range of the initial shipment of VF8 cars than the company had mentioned during the initial marketing. VinFast later rebranded the car as VF8 City Edition Eco, which has an EPA-estimated battery range of 207 miles.

VinFast has entered a super competitive market in the US, which is dominated by towering giants such as Tesla and Rivian. The company has filed for its initial public offering in the US. The company qualifies for a subsidy of $7,500 per vehicle under President Joe Biden’s incentive program. VinFast has selected U.S. Bank as its preferred provider of retail financing and leasing in the US. It has merged its Canadian and US management operations into a single unit called VinFast North America to improve operational performance.

VinFast’s significant entry into the US market is important as it faces tough competition from big carmakers. The company has taken measures to better its operational performance. VinFast’s success in the US market might be based on its ability to deliver superior-quality electric vehicles with a competitive price and establish a strong brand presence in the US.

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