DeLorean’s Alpha 5 EV Production Changes & “From Back to the Future” Royalties
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DeLorean’s Alpha 5 EV Production Changes & “From Back To The Future” Royalties

A famous car brand from the 80s, DeLorean, has been in the news for multiple reasons. One of the companies under the umbrella of the DeLorean brand has sued NBC Universal for royalties from the Back to the Future movie franchise. One more company under the same brand, is offering advanced reservations for the production of the Alpha5 EV. But, the company has stated that they will be decreasing production from 9,531 to just 4,000 units. The company has priced the reservation at $2,500 until March 12, after which the cost will increase to $3,500, with an additional $500 added for every 500 reservations made. The production period for the Alpha5 EV is over five years, and early reservation makers will have to wait until nearly 2030 to receive their car.

To confirm a reservation for the Alpha5, customers have to pay $88 for a life membership in the Alphas Club. This membership will fetch exclusive benefits which are not revealed yet. Afterwards, a reservation NFT can be bought for $2,500 which is linked to a randomized build slot. Even if the $2,500 is successfully paid and a slot is guaranteed, the NFT might end up pulling a random build slot number. DeLorean mentioned that it will produce the car for five years, but early reservation makers would have to wait until the end of production to receive their car.

DeLorean has stated that the Alpha5 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than just three seconds, and generate a top speed of 155 mph. It will have a range of over 300 miles from a battery of more than 100 kWh. But, the production figure of 4,000 units over five years comes across as very low. The lower production becomes especially evident when compared to other luxury car brands such as Cadillac, who plan to build 520 Celestiqs per year. The precise price of the Alpha5 has not been officially announced, and it is not clear where DeLorean plans to manufacture the cars. DeLorean also has set up a DeLorean Exchange, where a reservation holder can transfer, trade, or sell their production slot to other Alphas Club members, allowing those who couldn’t get reservations to get one.

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