Next Era Of Air Travel As  Beta Technologies Receives Orders For Its CX300  Electric Plane

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Beta Technologies has presented its plan to design its new CX300 electric plane, a fixed-wing version of its Alia eVTOL aircraft. The company will begin the certification process for the CX300 to manufacture the plane for regional passenger and cargo applications, defense, and medical purposes. The design of Beta’s Alia electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft started five years ago with the flight controller and algorithm, and the current prototype first took flight in 2020. The company has also developed a traditional take-off and landing (eCTOL) prototype to acquire performance data and work on winged flight and hover.

Electrifying the aviation industry is essential, as air travel accounts for 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Beta’s CX300 aircraft is developed for regional trips and can replace conventional jet-engine planes for cargo delivery by 2025 and, eventually, passenger flights. The aircraft uses traditional takeoff and landing (CTOL) technology, which allows it to run feeder flights to and from airports. The CX300’s performance is comparable to that of jet-engine planes such as the Pilatus PC-12. The aircraft has taken off & traveled more than 22,000 miles. It is the only electric aircraft to fly through busy Class B and C airspace, as per Beta.

Beta has a production setup in South Burlington, Vermont, where it plans to start assembling and manufacturing the CX300 in the upcoming months. The company has already received orders from Air New Zealand, Bristow, and United Therapeutics, among others, for the CX300. Beta plans to start deliveries in 2025. Beta also manufactures universal chargers for airplanes and road vehicles, and henceforth, it has charging infrastructure in operation in 12 locations, with 55 more planned.

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