New Study Proves Plant-Based Diets Reduce Mortality and Major Chronic Diseases

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As per a new study, eating fruits, vegetables, & whole grains can reduce the chances of early death. The Irish researchers have found that people who consume high amounts of these foods have lower rates of serious diseases & hip fractures.The study shows that plant-based diets can cause a 16% reduction in overall mortality rates.

More than 126,000 British adults who were tracked for over a decade were studied. It was observed that deaths from cardiovascular disease & cancer fell by eight & seven percent, respectively. Strokes & heart attacks were also reduced by 16 & 14 percent, respectively, due to healthy, plant-based diets.

It was indicated by the study that a healthful plant-based diet low in animal foods, sugary drinks, snacks, & desserts, refined grains, potatoes, & fruit juices can lower the risk of mortality & major chronic diseases. The global popularity of plant-based diets is rising, attributed to their possible health advantages. A decreased likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, & mortality are some of the benefits of a plant-based diet.

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The aim of the study was to assess the potential correlation between healthful & unhealthful plant-based diets & their association with mortality rates & major chronic diseases. The study conducted by the U.K. Biobank encompasses a population-based sample of over 500,000 persons aged between 40 & 69 years. The Oxford Web Q instrument was utilized by the study to develop two distinct indices: the healthful PBD index (hPDI) & the unhealthful PDI (uPDI).

The two indices were evaluated based on a scoring system that assigned positive scores to healthy plant foods & negative scores to less healthy plant foods & animal-derived foods. The data was analyzed by the team from 126,394 older participants in the U.K. Biobank database, which contains in-depth information on their genes  & health. Plant-based diets are popular for environmental & health reasons.

According to Dr. Kuhn, a comprehensive assessment of plant-based diets’ quality in relation to risk of mortality & major chronic diseases is lacking. A diet with more high-quality plant-based foods & lower animal-based products may be beneficial for health, according to the study’s findings. 5,627 deaths, 6,890 CVD cases, 8,939 cancer cases, & 4,751 fracture cases over a follow-up period ranging from 10.6 to 12.2 years were observed by the study.

It’s noted in the study that individuals exhibiting higher hPDI scores had a greater likelihood of being female, possessing a lower body mass index (BMI), being of advanced age, & having no chronic health conditions. Multi-variable-adjusted models were utilized by the study to determine the association between hPDI scores & all-cause mortality. 

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A major difference between people with lower and higher hPDI scores came up. People with higher hPDI scores had 16% lower chances of all-cause mortality than those with lower hPDI. A 23% increased likelihood of experiencing mortality from any cause was exhibited by individuals who obtained higher scores on the uPDI scale. 

The findings of the study support a shift towards food intake that emphasizes healthy plant foods to improve health & provides data to support a healthful plant-based diet for cardiovascular disease prevention. Studies in the future among more racially, ethnically, & culturally diverse populations are needed to assess the risk of major chronic disease in relation to plant-based diets.


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