Mini’s Refreshed All-Electric Hatchback: From Nostalgia To Future-Tech

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Mini’s newest version of the Cooper all-electric hatchback has been rebranded with a refreshed design and features that are nostalgic to the classic Minis of the 2000s. Even with the upgrades, the Cooper manages to maintain its beloved charm, and it will soon feature more range and power, all thanks to a bigger-better battery along with a boastful OLED display.

Mini’s vision for an electric future includes the release of two more EVs, the Aceman crossover and a SUV, the Countryman. Mini has planned an ambitious goal to have electric vehicles covering for at least half of its new car sales by 2025. The electric Cooper will most probably be released in May 2024, followed by the all-electric Countryman in February 2024 and the Aceman in January 2025.

The Cooper’s price will rise and might cross the £30,000, (roughly $35,000) mark, but the price might not bother Mini Cooper fans. The Mini Cooper’s nostalgic elements include larger, oval headlights, physical buttons on the center console, and also an ignition key. The Cooper is one of the EVs that will propel Mini’s transition towards a fully electric future.

A limited-edition convertible variant is expected to follow Mini’s electric Cooper, with the potential for a production model in the future. The Cooper’s will feature an upgraded battery that will offer a longer range, giving drivers more planning options for road trips and longer commutes.

The OLED display will replace the centered speedometer, adding a modern element to the Cooper’s nostalgic design. With the Cooper’s newer features, Mini hopes to get new customers onboard for its EV lineup while keeping its loyal fans happy with its classic Mini charm.

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