Memories Of Freedom Struggle in Marathwada

When India became free, Marathwada was a part of our Nizam State and declined to join the Indian union. That happened in September 1948 when 'Police Action' took place, a name given by Sardar Patel, the first deputy prime minister of India.

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Marathwada Liberation Day Memorial, Parbhani - Courtesy - Kiran

During my childhood I came across an organisation called Razakars led by Kasim Rajvi, who terrorised hindus in my region that is Marathwada. So many political groups confronted Razakars. Memories Of Freedom Struggle in Marathwada Leading them was state congress under the leadership of Swami Ramanand Tirth. Vande Mataram was their slogan.

During those days any body who raised this slogan was either arrested or if you happened to be a student ; you were  expelled from Osmania university. At that time Nagpur University used to admit such students, one of the students was PV Narasimha Rao who became a prime minister of India.

When India became free, Nizam State, as our state was known then did not join the Indian union. That happened in September 1948 when police action took  place, police action was the name given by Sardar Patel, the first deputy prime minister of India.

As the home minister Sardar Patel annexed about 600 princely states, Hyderabad was the biggest. One of my cousin Gangaram Bhosle participated in freedom struggle, he was jailed and after independence he used to get freedom pension. He belonged to Killari, a area that became popular for earthquake. Another relative Vitthalrao too took part in this war of independence, he too received freedom pension.

One my mentors late R. M. Joshi  has recorded all this  in history of freedom struggle. K. M. Munshi, agent general of Govt. of India in Hyderabad has narrated story of this princely state in his book named : The End of An Era. I was a witness to this historical change, Memories Of Freedom Struggle in Marathwada

Earlier in my childhood, the freedom fighters or rebels used to hide deep in the farm fields. Youngsters were appointed as messengers to deliver key information to them. The freedom fighters were spread in small groups all over Marathwada, hence they had created network for themselves. Even if I didn’t participate in the freedom struggle, I witnessed a great freedom movement.

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  1. It’s a very good narration and surely for the younger generation where we didn’t know who the “Razakars” were.. Good start Tekale Sir.

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