World Laughter Day: Unveiling the Healing Power of Laughter with Dr. Madan Kataria’s Insights!

May 10, 2024
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Laugh for no reason at all, Photo Credit: Soulveda
Laugh for no reason at all, Photo Credit: Soulveda

When we feel happy, we laugh. We laugh when we come across something which is not in order. Laughter indicates innocence. A child laughs when she/he sees a funny thing. We also laugh when we see a humorous situation! A hilarious comedy makes you laugh.

There is a therapeutic or healing aspect to laughter, so Dr. Madan Kataria started celebrating World Laughter Day from 1998. He says that laughter does not know geographical boundaries. It is universal. It is spontaneous. It relieves you of your tension. That is why there are laughter clubs.

Comic shows, books, and films give birth to laughter. Humorous writers like P.G. Wodehouse and P.L. Deshpande have given us enough material that causes laughter. Laughter is a sign of humanity. No animal is seen laughing. Dr. Kataria has conducted several experiments to show how laughter helps healing. He prescribes laughter as one of the basic prescriptions for quicker healing.

You cannot hide laughter, coughing, and happiness. Laugh and the world laughs with you. We laugh when a person slides on the cover of a plantain/banana, though it may be painful for that person. No conditions are attached for laughing. Laughter does not discriminate on the lines of gender, color, country, or weather. Laugh and get rid of your worries.

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Volumes have been written about laughter in many languages. There are proverbs and sayings in languages and dialects that cause instant laughter. Comedians make money for making you laugh. It is a billion-dollar business. Laughter does not cost anything. It shows that you are happy. You can definitely laugh on May 5, World Laughter Day. But you can do so throughout the year.

So laughter is the best medicine after all. Well, we can go ahead and state that it is in fact, the essence of life!

Govind Tekale

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