In Search of Joy: Will India’s 100 Million Affluent Find True Happiness?

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All of us want to be happy. But the definition of happiness differs from person to person. A person living in a jungle is quite happy if he/she gets enough food to eat. In India, there will be 100 million affluent people in the next few years. But there is no guarantee of happiness for those rich persons. Because money cannot buy happiness. Bhutan is supposed to be one of the countries where there are a maximum number of happy people. Therefore, some countries and a few states in India have appointed ministers for happiness. But if you ask the minister whether he/she is happy, there may not be an affirmative answer always.

A friend is a source of happiness, according to some experts in the field of happiness – theory and practice. Of course, friendship, definitely, gives one happiness. But it may not be a permanent source of joy. Thus, an idea of happiness will differ according to one’s mentality. For example, a person with positive thinking can easily find ways to become happy. Another individual, who is a devotee of Lord Vitthal of Pandharpur in Maharashtra, says that if you want happiness, go to that temple town at least once and you will be full of happiness. But does everyone visiting Pandharpur gain eternal happiness? 

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” according to poet John Keats. Definitely, beautiful things can make one happy at least for some time. Similarly, beautiful thoughts also make you happy. In the same way, beautiful actions are a source of joy. A win in the game may be happiness for many persons. Watching a fine film also makes you happy.

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Melodious voice of Lata Mangeshkar pleases many a person. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi’s recital of classical music is a source of pleasure for millions of people. The consecration of Lord Rama’s idol has made an entire nation filled with religious fervour and joy. So, there is no particular formula to make one happy.

For me, my great-granddaughter’s mere presence is a source of immense happiness. If you want to be happy, choose your source of happiness. When we see beautiful persons/objects, or when we hear melodious voice/words, we are lifted mentally to the land of unheard melodies/friendships of earlier births. One has to select a tree of happiness. That tree may be figurative or a real tree nearby giving fruits and flowers. That tree may take the form of a stream/river/sea.

Sometimes you may be happy just by reading a book by your favorite writer. Be positive in thoughts, actions, and words. I am sure you will find a source of happiness.

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