MAST’s Quest for Sustainable Maritime Architecture: Waterborne Wonders

June 19, 2023
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Source: mast_denmark, instagram

MAST is a Maritime Architecture Studio based in Copenhagen that creates open and sustainable spaces on water. It was founded in 2021 by Australian architect Marshall Blecher and Danish maritime designer and architect Magnus Maarbjerg. They wanted to work on improving the relationship between the city and the sea. Together, they build sustainable living spaces. 

Marshall Blecher has been awarded in Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Australia for his independent architectural designs with a focus on bespoke and well-crafted houses. Architect and designer Magnus Maarbjerg is known for his design of ‘The Copenhagen Islands” project, where islands were seen floating through the city. The sites were former industrial harbor sides, which he brought back to life. 

MAST is rooted in Scandinavian design tradition, where architectural elements merge with the surrounding environment. They work with typologies and installations to develop plans for new waterfront districts. They have worked with municipalities and Harbour Authorities across Europe and Australia to create buildings and other living spaces on and around harbor water or other water sources. 

They have ideas to construct Dyppezonen, or harbor baths, Fulham Pier or a public garden on the river, a cluster of off-grid floating cabins, sustainable buildings on water, on water studios, and newly designed flexible buildings. They collaborated with different ventures including Hubert Rhomberg, Københavns kommune, The Mir Way, KVANT-1 and other collaborators.  

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They have also won design competitions for their historic walking trail ‘Ranstadt’ in rural Jutland, which is also inspired by Viking-era architecture. MAST has its combined office and workshop in the boat-building yards in Southern Copenhagen. 

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