Kiira Motors: Uganda’s Answer to Sustainable Urban Mobility!

October 25, 2023
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Kiira Motors: Uganda's Answer to Sustainable Urban Mobility!
Kiira Motors

Kiira Motors, birthed from Makerere University’s collaboration with MIT in 2007, is Uganda’s pride in the e-mobility revolution. As the only African participant, Makerere helped design the Vision 200 for India, later showcased in Italy in 2008. This success led to the creation of the Center for Research in Transportation Technologies (CRTT) in 2008, championing green transport.

In 2011, Africa witnessed the launch of its first electric vehicle, the Kiira EV. Uganda’s President, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, was instrumental in this journey, even naming the vehicle “Kiira EV” in 2009. This innovation was backed by the Presidential Initiative Fund for Science and Technology Innovations.

Kiira Motors was then given the mission to set up a vehicle plant in Uganda, turning their innovations into commercial successes. Fast forward to 2014, and the Kiira EV SMACK, Africa’s first Electric Hybrid Vehicle, made its debut in Kenya. Two years later, the groundbreaking Kayoola Solar Bus was introduced.

In 2016, Kiira Motors received the Frost and Sullivan Visionary Innovation Leadership Award in Sustainable Mobility. Their mission? To uplift Uganda’s automotive sector, focusing on technology transfer and local supply chains. They’re driven by a dream to elevate Uganda to an upper middle-income status by 2040. With the Ugandan Government holding 96% and Makerere University 4%, they’re rooted in local pride.

Their vision is clear: to steer Africa’s automotive future. Their core values? Customer-centricity, teamwork, green innovation, community upliftment, and utmost professionalism. They’re in sync with Uganda’s Vision 2040, advocating for local production and eco-friendly transport.

The Kayoola EVS™, a fully electric bus designed for city transport, can travel up to 300 kilometers when fully charged. With room for 90 passengers, it’s a solution to city traffic and a boon for operators. It’s also inclusive, with features for those with special needs. And yes, they’re taking orders for the Kayoola EVS!

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The Kiira EV is all about battery power, needing regular charging. Its battery system, made up of 256 lithium-ion cells, is crafted for 80km between charges. The Kiira EV SMACK combines battery power with a traditional engine, while the Kayoola Solar Bus is a glimpse into the future of public transport, offering a smooth and eco-friendly ride.

Kiira Motors

Kiira Motors is all about green transport. Their global accolades speak volumes about their commitment to eco-friendly mobility. They’ve also played a role in shaping the East African Community Automotive Industry Development Policy. By joining hands with industry giants, they aim to deliver top-notch automotive solutions.

Community is at the heart of Kiira Motors. They strive to motivate and elevate local communities with their projects. Their operations are marked by integrity, respect, and professionalism. Their goals? To produce diverse vehicles, localize essential mobility parts, and set up a dependable e-Mobility charging network.

Kiira Motors

They’re also keen on fostering an efficient mass transit system in Uganda and are dedicated to training individuals in the mobility sector. By innovating, they aim to tackle African community challenges head-on.

Kiira Motors is leading the charge in Africa’s automotive tech, reshaping the continent’s transport scene. Their commitment to green mobility solutions sets them apart in the African automotive realm. All in all, Kiira Motors is a shining example of Uganda’s drive to craft homegrown transport solutions.

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