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Last Straw Bracelet
Photo Source - 4 Ocean

4ocean unveiled its Last Straw Bracelet collection on September 29, 2023, in response to the global crisis of single-use plastic straws. Crafted from recycled plastic straws collected by 4ocean crews, these bracelets aim to address the staggering 182 billion plastic straws discarded annually into our waterways.

Beyond fashion, 4ocean’s mission extends to environmental impact. Each Last Straw Bracelet sold eliminates non-recyclable plastic straws and removes 5 pounds of trash from our oceans, rivers, and coastlines. CEO and Co-founder of 4ocean, Alex Schulze, emphasized the bracelets’ dual impact, stating, “The Last Straw removes non-recyclable plastic straws and 5 lbs of trash with every bracelet sold.”

Americans alone consume a staggering 500 million straws daily, highlighting the pressing need for sustainable alternatives. Unfortunately, plastic straws’ non-recyclability and slow decomposition in landfills and ocean ecosystems pose a significant threat to the environment.

To underscore the severity of this issue, the Last Straw Bracelet features 100% 4ocean-collected plastic cord and a recycled stainless steel charm filled with shredded straws from their cleanup efforts. These waterproof bracelets, available in beaded and braided styles, are handcrafted by local artisans in Bali, Indonesia, adding a human touch to the eco-friendly initiative.

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Contributing to 4ocean’s impressive 31 million pounds of plastic waste collected since 2017, for every Last Straw Bracelet purchased, an additional 5 pounds of ocean trash will be removed.

In a bid to further reduce plastic straw usage, 4ocean offers “The Final Straw,” a stainless steel reusable straw with a cleaning brush and silicone carrying case, all conveniently attached to a recycled chain.

The unveiling of an art piece at Surf Expo 2023, made from 5787 straws discarded every second in the USA, serves as a powerful visual representation of the scale of the issue. These straws were collected by 4ocean cleanup teams in Bali, Indonesia, adding an international dimension to the initiative and highlighting the international scope of the problem.

The Last Straw Bracelet aligns with the UN Environmental Programme’s concern that nearly 35% of the 40 million metric tons of annual plastic waste are single-use plastics. This initiative not only removes plastic waste from the oceans but also raises awareness and encourages the adoption of eco-friendly alternatives to single-use straws.

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