Is Acura’s New Electric Vision the Next NSX? You Won’t Believe It!

August 25, 2023
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Acura unveiled its latest Electric Vision at the renowned Monterey Car Week, signaling a shift towards a zero-emissions future. The surprise reveal came on the heels of the 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S debut, Acura’s first all-electric performance SUV. Set to hit the market next year, the ZDX Type S boasts an impressive 500 horsepower, making it Acura’s most powerful SUV yet.

Acura’s commitment to its Precision Crafted Performance brand ethos remains unwavering, even as it ventures into the electric realm. The Electric Vision, a product of the Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles, showcased a neon green lighting signature, hinting at the brand’s electrified direction. Dave Marek, Acura’s executive creative director, expressed the team’s excitement in reimagining Acura’s future in the electric vehicle era.

The 2024 ZDX crossover, Acura’s first production EV, was recently showcased during Monterey Car Week. Speculations are rife about whether the Performance Electric Vision Design could be the precursor to the next NSX, given its aggressive design. While the manufacturer labels it as a design concept, its resemblance to a Le Mans Prototype racer might indicate Acura’s interest in electric motorsports. Despite the buzz, the Performance Electric Vision Design remains shrouded in mystery, with only its silhouette and unique lighting revealed.

Acura’s recent ventures into the EV space come after the electrified ZDX’s debut on a General Motors platform. Honda, Acura’s parent company, has set ambitious goals, aiming for all its models to be electric or hydrogen fuel cell-powered by 2040. Both Honda and Toyota have been leaning towards gasoline-electric hybridization, influenced by incentives from the Japanese government. The future relationship between Honda’s electric endeavors and Acura’s design direction remains a topic of intrigue.

The Acura Electric Vision Design, teased post the 2024 ZDX’s debut, hints at a potential electric third-generation NSX. This sleek supercar concept, with its cab-forward design, showcases innovative aerodynamic features and camera stalks replacing traditional side mirrors. A distinct light bar and a 3D “ACURA” script at the rear echo modern Porsche designs. Honda had previously teased a similar vehicle silhouette in 2022, aligning with their plan to launch 30 EVs globally by 2030. Among Honda’s 30 planned EVs, two are expected to be sports models, fueling speculations about an electric NSX. Acura’s Jon Ikeda confirmed a third-generation NSX in 2021, hinting at a departure from traditional internal-combustion powertrains.

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Acura’s lineup, known for its expressive styling and innovative engineering, is set to be enriched with the addition of the ZDX and ZDX Type S in 2024. All Acura vehicles sold in America proudly boast a “Made in the U.S.” tag, utilizing both domestic and globally sourced parts. The brand’s transition to electric doesn’t compromise its commitment to quality, reliability, and performance. The Performance Electric Vision Design, while just a concept, has ignited conversations about Acura’s potential dominance in the EV market. As Acura ventures deeper into the electric frontier, enthusiasts eagerly await the brand’s next move. The electric revolution is here, and Acura is poised to lead the charge with its visionary designs and performance-driven ethos. With its eyes set on an electrified future, Acura continues to blend tradition with innovation, promising exciting times ahead for car enthusiasts.

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