How To Play Rugby With A Beluga Whale?

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In this video a beluga whale is seen fetching a rugby ball for a lad somewhere near the north pole, in the arctic sea. Many have shared this video and it unclear who shot it or where exactly it was shot. It is seen in the video that the whale is very playful and friendly towards humans.

Many believe that this friendly whale is the famous Russian spy whale Hvaldmir. Hvladimir was spotted firstly in Norway on 26 April 2019 north of Hammerfest. He was seen wearing a camera harness labeled “Equipment St. Petersburg”. It was trying to free itself by rubbing against the boat.

Many tried to help Hvaldmir and finally a fisherman named Joar Hesten geared up & jumped into the water to help Hvaldmir. Due to its friendly nature and Russian connection it was named Hvaldmir. Hval means whale in Norwegian.

The mystery behind the Russian connection is still not clear, but many reports of beluga whales used for spying or other activities by Russians are floating widely on the internet. Even if the bizarre reality of Russian training might be true, Hvladimir remains a friendly and an outright cute whale.

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