Hover Like a Helicopter, Cruise Like a Plane: Epiphany Transporter Illustrates the Future!

August 25, 2023
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Epiphany Transporter Revolution
Epiphany Transporter

Applied eVTOL Concepts has unveiled the Epiphany Transporter, a revolutionary wingless eVTOL aircraft poised to redefine urban air mobility. Unlike traditional aircraft, the Epiphany Transporter employs morphing, dual-mode, ducted thrusters, allowing it to hover like a helicopter and cruise like an airplane. The thruster technology, backed by a $5.1 million DARPA grant, has undergone rigorous testing and refinement over a quarter-century, including in NASA’s wind tunnels. Michael Moshier, the CEO of Applied eVTOL Concepts, expressed unwavering confidence in the proprietary thrusters, emphasizing their field-proven capabilities.

The aircraft promises a remarkable 300+ mile range, with a top cruising speed of 160 mph, setting it apart from other eVTOL contenders. One of its standout features is its compact size, comparable to a Tesla Model S, making it a practical choice for urban environments. Despite its powerful performance, the Epiphany Transporter operates at a quiet sound level of less than 55 decibels at 50 feet, ensuring minimal disturbance in urban settings. The vehicle’s design can comfortably accommodate two passengers, their luggage, and even a set of golf clubs, emphasizing its utility.

Rob Bulaga’s computational fluid dynamics model, honed over 25 years, predicts thruster performance with a striking 2% accuracy. The company’s distributed development approach, mirroring the vehicle’s propulsion design, has been instrumental in its innovative journey. A significant advantage of the Epiphany Transporter is its ability to transition seamlessly from hover to cruise flight, a challenge that has plagued many eVTOL designs. Unlike other eVTOLs, the Epiphany’s thrusters consistently produce both powered-lift and aerodynamic-lift, eliminating translational issues.

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The company’s financial projections suggest a per-unit retail price of $699,000 by 2026, with a gross profit margin of 61%. With an annual production rate of 104 units, the projected annual revenue stands at a staggering $72,696,000. The enterprise valuation, based on established earnings, is estimated at a whopping $1.89 billion. The Epiphany Transporter’s development has been cost-effective, with a prototype budget under $1 million, in contrast to other companies spending tens of millions.

The company’s decision to venture into the eVTOL space was influenced by their earlier success with the SoloTrek XFV, which won Time Magazine’s Invention-Of-The-Year award in 2003. Applied eVTOL Concepts is now actively seeking a joint venture or merger with a strategic aerospace-industry partner to expedite the prototype’s build, testing, and certification. The company’s headquarters are located in Newport Beach, California, but its development work is distributed globally, leveraging world-class partners.

The Epiphany Transporter’s design evokes the fantasy of Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, blending personal mobility with cutting-edge VTOL technology. The company’s mission is to introduce the Epiphany Transporter to a global market that has been eagerly awaiting a practical flying car. Potential partners are being solicited for collaboration on the remaining development, testing, and certification phases. Interested collaborators are encouraged to address key points, including facility availability, engineering workforce, FAA experience, and manufacturing expertise.

The company’s previous VTOL prototype, the SoloTrek XFV, remains a testament to their innovation, displayed permanently at the Hiller Aviation Museum in California. The Epiphany Transporter’s development report is available to potential partners, providing deeper insights into its capabilities. The company’s propulsion technology, combined with breakthrough aeronautical design, positions it as a frontrunner in the eVTOL race. The Epiphany Transporter’s unveiling has sparked comparisons to futuristic flying cars depicted in iconic movies like “Blade Runner” and “Back to the Future.” The vehicle’s safety features include distributed propulsion with 100% redundancy and a triple-redundant autopilot system. The Epiphany Transporter’s design and performance capabilities have been described as previously unachievable by other organizations. The company’s journey has been marked by “Epiphany” moments, overcoming technical roadblocks to realize their vision.

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