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Forget Tesla: Silicon Valley’s Newest Sensation is a Flying SUV!

August 10, 2023
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Silicon Valley’s Aska has unveiled its groundbreaking Aska A5, a composite flying car prototype, marking a significant stride in air mobility. The Aska A5, comparable in size to an SUV in drive mode, boasts both VTOL and STOL capabilities, blurring the lines between aviation and automotive sectors.

With a 250-mile flight range, the hybrid eVTOL offers a blend of electric efficiency and gasoline power, catering to both urban and suburban landscapes. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted Aska a certification of authorization and special airworthiness certification in June 2023, indicating regulatory confidence in the vehicle’s safety and design.

Not just limited to the skies, the Aska A5 has also secured the green light from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to cruise on public roads. Over 300 miles of road testing in Silicon Valley underscores Aska’s commitment to ensuring the A5’s roadworthiness and safety. Guy Kaplinsky, Aska’s CEO, emphasized the monumental significance of this achievement, heralding a new era for both aviation and automotive industries.

The Aska A5’s versatility is evident; it can launch from helipads, vertiports, or runways, thanks to its unique combination of in-wheel motors, prop thrust, and aerodynamic wings. Maki Kaplinsky, Aska’s COO, highlighted the company’s collaborative efforts with the FAA, ensuring that the A5’s flight testing aligns with stringent safety standards.

The vehicle’s design prioritizes seamless integration into existing infrastructure, from standard parking spaces to conventional EV charging stations. With a price tag of $789,000, the Aska A5 positions itself as a premium mobility solution, targeting a niche market of early adopters and enthusiasts.

Aska’s vision extends beyond just selling the A5; they aim to rent it to pilots by 2026, potentially revolutionizing the ride-hailing industry. The $5,000 preorder option indicates Aska’s confidence in the A5’s commercial viability and its appeal to potential customers.

FAA’s approval for Aska to begin flight testing signifies a crucial step towards the vehicle’s eventual certification and commercial launch. The A5’s hybrid design, allowing for both electric charging and gasoline refueling, offers users unparalleled flexibility in their travel choices.

With a top speed of 150 mph in the air and 70 mph on the ground, the A5 doesn’t compromise on performance, setting it apart from its competitors. Aska’s achievement isn’t just in the skies; being the first electric flying car developer to conduct successful road tests in California is a testament to its holistic approach.

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The A5’s initial airborne test, where it hovered for about 30 seconds, may seem brief but signifies a monumental leap in engineering and design. The Kaplinskys’ vision for the A5 extends to energy-efficient STOLs, leveraging the vehicle’s unique propulsion and aerodynamic features.

Aska’s methodical approach to testing, both on the road and in the air, underscores its commitment to safety and regulatory compliance. The A5’s anticipated commercialization in 2026, pending regulatory approvals, could redefine urban and suburban mobility.

Aska’s pioneering efforts in the eVTOL space, especially with the A5’s VTOL capabilities, position it as a leader in the emerging flying car industry. The A5’s unique design, allowing it to share the road with conventional vehicles, emphasizes its practicality and adaptability.

Aska’s dual focus on airworthiness and road safety sets a precedent for future mobility solutions, ensuring users get the best of both worlds. The next phase of flight testing for the A5, focusing on transitioning into cruise and STOL, will be pivotal in its journey towards commercialization.

Aska’s meticulous approach to the A5’s development, from design to testing, showcases its commitment to revolutionizing the future of transportation. With the A5, Aska isn’t just launching a vehicle; they’re shaping the future narrative of integrated air and road mobility.

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