Honda’s SUSTAINA-C and Pocket Concept: The Mobility Vision of Boundless, Eco-Friendly Possibilities

October 27, 2023
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Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Honda SUSTAINA-C Concept

Honda, with its rich Japanese heritage, has always been at the forefront of mobility innovation. The SUSTAINA-C Concept and the Pocket Concept are the latest embodiments of this spirit, reflecting a profound understanding of the challenges our planet faces and the need to harmonize with nature.

Honda SUSTAINA-C Concept

The SUSTAINA-C Concept is a beacon of Honda’s dedication to sustainable production. Crafted from reused acrylic resin materials, it’s a testament to Honda’s vision of reimagining the entire product lifecycle. This isn’t merely about recycling; it’s a holistic approach to ensuring both environmental protection and the joy of mobility for generations to come.

Pocket Concept

In collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Honda has achieved significant advancements in recycling technologies. They’ve transformed used acrylic materials into recycled ones that rival the quality of brand-new materials. Given the historical challenges with acrylic resin, such as its tendency to crack upon impact, this is a significant leap forward. The enhanced impact resistance and moldability now open doors for recycled acrylic resin to be widely used in vehicle body panels.

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Aesthetically, the SUSTAINA-C is a marvel. It flaunts vibrant body colors, a testament to the superior surface smoothness and coloring properties of acrylic resin. The tailgate, evoking the feel of a smartphone screen, leverages the resin’s transparency. Mini LED display lights serve dual functions: indicating the vehicle’s charge state and facilitating communication with nearby vehicles.

At the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023, Honda’s CEO, Toshihiro Mibe, articulated the company’s broader vision. The show, an evolution of the Tokyo Motor Show, now encompasses a diverse range of mobility solutions, from cars to aircraft. Honda, which started with motorcycles, has expanded its horizons significantly.

Mibe’s statements, “[私の夢は地上え海え空えそして宇宙 にもホダのロゴがついたモビリティが生か え人々が自由に移動できる世界を実現する ことです](My dream is a world where Honda-branded mobility products cover the land, sea, sky, and even space, enabling people to move freely),” capture the essence of Honda’s aspirations. He introduced the Cruise Origin autonomous vehicle, which promises a transformative travel experience. Slated for a 2026 launch in Japan, it offers a private space for users, be it for meetings or quality family time.

Honda’s eVTOL and HondaJet are set to redefine long-distance travel, making it more seamless. These innovations aim to dissolve barriers, enabling people to reside in suburban areas and work in cities as required.

But Honda’s vision isn’t just sky-bound. They’re also venturing into the ocean depths and outer space. Mibe envisions a world where Honda-branded mobility products span every conceivable terrain, offering unparalleled freedom of movement.

Honda’s SUSTAINA-C and Pocket Concept are more than vehicles. They symbolize a future where mobility is sustainable, efficient, and limitless. As we confront environmental challenges, Honda’s innovations light the way to a future where movement is both free and eco-friendly.

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