Historic Spaceflight on the Horizon: UK Space Agency and Axiom Space Seal the Deal!

October 27, 2023
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Axiom Space
The #Ax1 crew’s vehicle to the International Space Station takes another step closer to launch as SpaceX rolls out Crew Dragon and Falcon 9 to the historic pad at 39A ahead of Friday’s flight.

Axiom Space, based in Houston, and the UK Space Agency have penned an exciting agreement, opening doors for British astronauts to join Axiom’s future missions. This partnership is a significant leap for the UK’s space journey.

Both Axiom and the UK Space Agency have expressed their shared vision of launching a UK astronaut on a commercial mission. The announcement highlighted, “Astronauts from the United Kingdom could fly to space on a future Axiom Space mission.”

Science Minister George Freeman spoke at the London Stock Exchange about the UK’s growing space sector. He said, “The prospect of a historic UK mission with Axiom Space has the potential to inspire a whole new generation to reach for the stars, while supporting our efforts to build one of the most innovative and attractive space economies in the world.”

This mission is more than just a spaceflight. It’s about harnessing space’s unique environment for research, technology testing, and education. It aligns with the UK’s National Space Strategy and Science and Technology Framework, emphasizing the role of global partnerships in boosting the UK’s space capabilities.

The framework pinpoints five key future technologies: Artificial Intelligence, engineering biology, advanced telecommunications, semiconductors, and quantum tech. These technologies, when integrated into space missions, can transform our space knowledge.

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Axiom Space’s CEO, Michael Suffredini, shared his excitement, saying, “Axiom Space is looking forward to working with the UK Space Agency on a future human spaceflight mission. With this agreement as the initial foundation, we will build a comprehensive mission plan in support of the UK’s national and agency objectives to advance its capabilities in space exploration and discovery. Together, we will look to harness the benefits of microgravity and help push the boundaries of innovation to advance our civilization.”  

The UK Space Agency is also reaching out to its academic and industry partners. They’ve invited UK institutions to suggest experiments and tech demos for the astronaut crew’s two-week mission.

Dr. Paul Bate, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, highlighted the teamwork behind space missions. He mentioned, “It takes thousands of people to complete a crewed space mission and return the astronauts safely home, highlighting the huge variety of careers available in the UK space sector right now.”

The UK Space Agency also aims to spotlight space careers, boost STEM education, and show how space impacts UK citizens’ daily lives.

The European Space Agency (ESA) backs this partnership. Daniel Neuenschwander, ESA’s Director of Human and Robotic Exploration, noted, “ESA is working on Europe’s preparation of the post-ISS era and the development of a sustainable commercial space economy in Low Earth Orbit.”

Axiom Space has been making waves in the commercial space world, partnering with entities like ESA and Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

ESA and Axiom: Collaborating for the Future

Axiom Space and ESA have signed an MOU to jointly venture into human spaceflight, science, and tech. Josef Aschbacher, ESA’s Director General, said, “Our collaboration with Axiom Space represents a step forward in Europe’s endeavors in space. The combination of Axiom Space’s innovative approach to spaceflight and ESA’s rich history and experience will create new opportunities not only for scientific and technology advancements, but also for nurturing a sustainable commercial space ecosystem.”

Hungary Joins the Space Race

Axiom Space and Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade have also joined hands. They aim to launch a Hungarian astronaut, boost scientific research, and raise space awareness in Hungary. Michael Suffredini stated, “That MOU, a continuation of our agreement from December 2021, showcased a mutual vision to propel the ‘Hungarian to Orbit’ program and enhance the impact of the Hungarian space sector. I’m thrilled to say that our journey together continues.” 

Wrapping Up

Axiom Space’s partnerships highlight its dedication to global cooperation, research, and space exploration. As the space industry grows, Axiom’s ties with international players pave the way for collaborative space adventures.

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