GreenPower’s Mega BEAST: The Electric School Bus Sets New Standards in West Virginia!

October 31, 2023
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The school bus industry is abuzz with the introduction of a new electric bus model in West Virginia. GreenPower Motor Company, a big name in the zero-emission vehicle game, has rolled out its latest marvel: the Mega BEAST. This isn’t your everyday school bus; it’s a 40-foot electric powerhouse that can cover up to 300 miles on a single charge. That’s thanks to its whopping 387 kWh battery pack.

Now, for those of you who’ve been tracking the EV bus scene, you’ll know that’s a big deal. It’s the longest range and the beefiest battery pack in the school bus market right now. And it’s not just about the numbers. This bus can comfortably ferry up to 90 students and is packed with features like air ride suspension and ABS disk brakes. Plus, it’s got the largest storage space you can find in a bus. Safety? Top-notch, with its modern monocoque chassis.

Michael Perez, the big gun at GreenPower handling School Bus, Contracts, and Grants, had this to say: “The all-electric, purpose-built BEAST has established the new standard of performance, safety and sustainability in the school bus market. Today with the introduction of the Mega BEAST, GreenPower also sets a new industry standard in range and battery size.”  He’s optimistic about more schools making the eco-friendly switch, offering students a cleaner ride. “The extended range of the Mega BEAST will help more school districts make the switch from NOx-emitting diesel buses to the GreenPower all-electric, zero-emission option that provides a safer, cleaner and healthier ride for school kids,” he asserted.

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Now, a bit of background for those new to GreenPower. They’ve been crafting purpose-built, battery electric vehicles tailored for passenger transportation. Whether it’s for transit agencies, shuttle operators, or universities, GreenPower’s got a ride. Their BEAST school bus, already a favorite, boasts a range of 150 miles and can seat up to 90 students. And if you’re into transit buses, they’ve got the EV250, EV350, and the double-decker EV550. Need something for cargo? They’ve got you covered with the EV Star CarGo and EV Star CC.

Back to the Mega BEAST. It made its grand appearance at the National Association of Pupil Transportation’s Conference in Columbus, Ohio. Designed for those long school routes, it’s a game-changer for rural districts, schools in extreme weather zones, or those using buses for after-school activities.

GreenPower’s President, Brendan Riley, chimed in about the Mega BEAST’s versatility. It’s not just about transporting students. The larger battery size makes it perfect for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) applications, turning the bus into an energy storage unit. This helps stabilize the electric grid, especially in areas where it’s deployed. “All-in-all the Mega BEAST is the same class leading vehicle as the BEAST just with a bigger battery, more range and more uphill climbing power,” he added.

To wrap it up, the Mega BEAST is more than just a bus. It’s a statement. A commitment to sustainability, to cleaner air, and to the future of transportation. As we cruise into an electric future, it’s innovations like these that’ll steer the way.

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