Hummer EV
Hummer EV

GMC and EarthCruiser’s Big Reveal: The Future of Overlanding is Here!

August 11, 2023
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GMC’s recent partnership with EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles aims to redefine the overlanding experience through the lens of eco-innovation. The collaboration’s focus is on the Hummer EV pickup, merging the best of electric technology with rugged exploration capabilities. Initial teasers hinted at a solar-integrated Hummer design, sparking intrigue in the automotive community. The latest teaser reveals an extended shell on the Hummer EV, stretching seamlessly to the front of the cab. A standout feature is the integrated pop-up tent, offering adventurers a panoramic wilderness view. This design innovation could potentially transform the camping and off-grid adventure landscape.

The external storage compartment on the shell ensures ample space for exploration gear, a nod to practicality. Strategically placed LED lights not only enhance visibility but also lend the vehicle a futuristic aesthetic. Solar panels, integrated into the vehicle’s roof, promise extended off-grid adventures, reducing dependency on charging stations. While the Hummer EV’s baseline boasts an adjustable suspension and 11.9 inches of ground clearance, the collaboration aims to elevate these features. The off-road package, if chosen, equips the vehicle with robust 35-inch tires, ensuring traction on challenging terrains. However, the innovative overlanding setup might increase the Hummer EV’s weight, currently at 9640 pounds.

This added weight could potentially impact the vehicle’s range, a pressing concern for eco-conscious adventurers. GMC’s standard Hummer EV claims a range of 329 miles, setting expectations high for this overlanding iteration. The much-anticipated reveal is set for the Overland Expo Mountain West in Colorado on August 25. This showcase is eagerly awaited, with enthusiasts keen to see the Hummer EV overlanding vision materialize. Beyond a vehicle, the GMC-EarthCruiser partnership symbolizes a gateway to unparalleled explorations. The overlanding package, as hinted, might be available to consumers by early 2024. This collaboration represents a shared vision between GMC and EarthCruiser, both pioneers in their respective fields.

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EarthCruiser’s reputation, with vehicles like the Terranova, FX, and EXP, adds credibility to this ambitious project. The recent Instagram teaser showcases a campfire-lit outline, further fueling anticipation. EarthCruiser’s signature pop-up roofs, offering near 360-degree visibility, are evident in the design. Unique features like a potential slide-out platform at the rear and side cargo boxes add to the vehicle’s intrigue. Questions arise about the optional nature of these cargo boxes and their potential to widen the vehicle. While it’s uncertain if this will be every overlander’s dream, the vehicle promises unique experiences for its users. Previous showcases at the Overland Expo, like the GMC Canyon AT4X OverlandX, set the stage for this groundbreaking reveal. As the automotive world watches closely, this collaboration might chart new territories in off-road adventures, blending sustainability with exploration.

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