Geely’s Global Entry: China’s Electric Expedition Kickstarts with Radar GD6

July 28, 2023
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Radar GD6, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group

From the heart of China, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is spearheading an unprecedented revolution in the world of electric vehicles. Its most recent innovation, the Radar GD6, serves as a compelling testament to the company’s progressive and sustainable ethos.

With the maiden batch of Radar GD6 electric pickups setting off from the Zibo smart factory towards Central Asia, Geely heralds its first-ever global venture. This noteworthy stride illuminates the steadfast ambitions of CEO Ling Shiquan. Ling’s vision of leveraging robust collaborations with local associates to fortify Geely’s overseas brand stature is strategic and future-oriented.

China’s pioneering electric pickup truck, the RD6, is more than a vehicle—it is a beacon of transformation. Engraved in its DNA is an integrated service system designed to cater to the multifaceted requirements of a global clientele. A testament to this is the intention to create a comprehensive charging infrastructure overseas, adapting to the specific needs of diverse nations and regions.

In the bustling local market, the Geely E-Pickup stands out, enjoying an upward sales trajectory that cements its reign with an impressive 84 percent market share. Its ascendancy positions it as the top-selling New Energy Vehicle (NEV) pickup brand in the world’s largest vehicle market, China.

The electric auto industry is not just a race for innovation; it’s a fight for survival in a swiftly greening world. Geely, against this backdrop, is proving to be a fierce contender. With NEV exports, including EVs and plug-in hybrids, surging by 160 percent YoY, China is reshaping the global automotive landscape.

The Radar GD6, central to Geely’s global expansion strategy, is more than a pickup—it’s a solution. Its versatility lies in its ability to function as a power source, potentially transforming off-grid living and emergency power supplies. With a range of up to 632 kilometers and the power of a 200 kW electric motor, this EV doesn’t just promise performance; it ensures practicality.

This debut from Radar Auto, Geely’s new sub-brand, cements China’s position in the fast-evolving EV market. Notably, the Radar GD6 pickup isn’t just a product; it’s an embodiment of the ‘outdoor lifestyle’ ethos, defining a new chapter in outdoor mobility.

Geely’s leap into the electric pickup segment is an auspicious signal to the world. As the company moves toward overseas market exploration, it embarks on a journey of strengthening its global footprint, setting a course for a more sustainable, eco-friendly future. The world watches with anticipation as the story of China’s first overseas EV pickup unfolds.

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