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GM Launches Revolutionary EV Education Tool EVLive for All

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General Motors (GM) recently launched an educational tool called EVLive to answer customers’ questions about electric vehicles (EVs). The online platform is open for everyone, and users can even schedule a live session with a real person to discuss EVs, charging issues, range information, and more.

GM’s EVLive experts can take users on a tour inside any of their electric car models and answer questions regarding charging, range, batteries, longevity, sustainability, recyclability, and cost of ownership. The EVLive experience is delivered by real human beings, and not by avatars, bots, or even AI.

The platform aims to help create awareness about EVs among the masses, including those who are on the fence or don’t believe in EVs altogether. GM customers can also access education and personalized information about their vehicles through the mychevrolet or myGMC app.

GM sees the rise of EV adoption in the next five years as an opportunity and believes more people will get into electric vehicles over the next five years than over the last ten. EVLive is a unique experience from GM that goes beyond what other car makers offer in terms of educating and informing potential electric-vehicle buyers. The free and always-available platform is a valuable resource for anyone seeking information on EVs.

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