From Waste to Taste: The Story of San Francisco’s Recycled Water Beer

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Epic Cleantec partnered with Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company to create Epic One Water Brew, an unusual beer made from recycled gray water. The beer is not sold yet, but it aims to bring attention to the potential of water reuse.

San Francisco became the first city in the US to require new development projects of 100,000 gross square feet or more for the incorporation of an onsite water reuse system in 2022. Epic Cleantec specializes in one of those reuse systems, and their first operational system in the city happens to be at the Fifteen Fifty apartment building.

The system works by sending the building’s waste water to convert it into three outputs: clean water, soil products, and recovered waste water heat energy. With today’s advanced treatment technologies, recycled water is safe to drink and, in some cases, cleaner than water consumed from commonly used sources.

California might see its water supply reduced by up to 10% by 2040, and recycled water could emerge as a key solution to curbing the state’s freshwater use. The OneWater Brew was brewed back in November 2022, and it still held its own against other beers in a recent tasting.

The stigma around drinking recycled water remains a question in the minds of many, but companies like Epic Cleantec are moving ahead to change that.

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