From Least Visited to Sustainability Champion: Discover Tuvalu

May 22, 2023
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Gabriella Jacobi (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Tuvalu, the least visited nation, became the 17th signatory with the Pacific Tourism Organization for the Pacific Leader’s Sustainable Tourism Commitment (SOC). For tourists, neither geographical distance nor general apathy matter while traveling. 

However, the regional commitment by Tuvalu’s will be responsible for making sure that Pacific tourism becomes more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive. SPTO and UNDP, in partnership with Tuvalu, introduced the Sustainable Tourism Policy in December 2022.

To support sustainable tourism development in the Pacific region, the United Approach has been showcased by the endorsement of the SOC. SPTO Chief Executive Christopher Cocker has underlined the need for regional solidarity in addressing the serious challenges faced by the tourism industry.

SPTO, on behalf of their membership, congratulated signatories of the SOC for Tuvalu’s entry. Despite its beautiful beaches, tropical flora and fauna, and turquoise sea, Tuvalu is the least visited place on the planet. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean, is an expensive place to visit.

It is a small country, accommodating its population within 26 square kilometers. In Tuvalu, thirteen listed hotels, hostels, and lodges on Tripadvisor are non-luxury. The main attractions of the place are Funafuti Conservation Area and the Philately Bureau.

Travelers can enjoy a relaxed beach vacation in Tuvalu, a secluded tropical paradise suitable for diving and snorkeling. Despite being a climate-sensitive country, Tuvalu generates its maximum income from tourism.

Between 2017 and 2019, the place witnessed an 80% increase in tourism. It is estimated that the rate of tourism might have increased due to the pandemic. Tuvalu is a member of the Commonwealth under the English crown and is a safe and politically stable travel destination.

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The capital of Tuvalu is located on Funafuti Atoll. The official languages spoken are Tuvaluan and English, with some other languages as well. The majority follows Protestantism. To have a Tuvalu tourist visa, tourists only need a health document, a vaccination document, a passport, a travel itinerary, and proof of funds. To extend their stay in Tuvalu, travelers have to apply to the Chief Immigration Officer.

The currency used in Tuvalu is the Tuvaluan dollar. Travelers can plan a trip by checking out On, the average cost of living in Tuvalu, including rent, utilities, food, and transportation, is provided.

For transport, travelers can use local transport tickets and taxi rides. They have a unique cultural heritage, and its traditions and customs are open to visitors. Traditional cuisines like pulaka, coconut crab, and seafood can be enjoyed by travelers. It also offers visitors a chance to experience traditional music, dance, and the arts via cultural events and festivals.

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