Ford Mustang Mach-E 2024 Outpaces Competition: 0-100 in 3.3 Seconds, Beats Tesla and Porsche

April 11, 2024
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Ford’s Mustang Mach-E engineering head, Donna Dickson, has released an open letter on Ford’s official website on Tuesday stating that the new model she oversees is faster than the Tesla Model Y Performance and also faster than the Porsche Macan 4 Electric. Dickson reveals in the letter that her model can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.3 seconds, and it covers a quarter-mile (0.4 kilometers) in 11.8 seconds at 114 miles per hour (183.4 kilometers per hour).

Ford surpasses Tesla with an electric Mustang that goes from 0 to 100 in 3.3 seconds and costs 37,000 euros. “Our 2024 Mustang Mach-E GT with the Mustang Mach-E GTTM Performance Upgrade truly is the quickest Mustang Mach-E to date,” the engineer states in her open letter.

Besides the performance upgrade, Dickson advances that the new rear electric motor (eMotor), developed internally by Ford engineers and debuting in all trim levels of the new Mustang Mach-E, is lighter and helps to offer improved torque across the 2024 range.

The most economical starting price for this SUV (sport utility vehicle), with a standard range battery and rear-wheel drive, is around 40,000 dollars in the United States ($39,995, or 36,831 euros). Dickson indicates that the performance upgrade comes standard in the Mustang Mach-E Rally version, but adds that the company has an update for the Mustang Mach-E GT. This means that customers of the 2024 Mustang Mach-E GT have the option to purchase the update and enable it at a later date, she explains.

20% Faster Charging The 2024 Mustang Mach-E SUV with extended-range battery charges nearly 20% faster with DC fast charging than previous models, according to Dickson, allowing drivers to charge from 10% to 80% in approximately 36.2 minutes and get back on the road, which is 8.8 minutes faster than previous models.

” Thanks to the new eMotor, along with other tweaks and improvements, we’ve increased the range of the vehicle compared to the first model year of Mustang Mach-E in 2021.” (Ford claims on its official website that its Mustang Mach-E has a range of 760 kilometers in the city).

Furthermore, Dickson explains that, apart from the improvements in vehicle range, Ford’s electric vehicle (BEV) drivers now have access to more than 15,000 Tesla Superchargers through the BlueOval Charge Network, “North America’s largest public charging network” she claims.

Lastly, she explains that for embarking on a long road trip, customers of the 2024 Mach-E can use Ford BlueCruise for hands-free highway driving. “You’re really just enjoying the drive and making traffic enjoyable. I mean not many people can make traffic enjoyable, but I think BlueCruise does that.”

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