Fisker Ocean Sport Shatters Expectations with Stellar 288-Mile WLTP Range

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Fisker Ocean Sport
Fisker Ocean Sport Car

Fisker’s new electric SUV, the Ocean Sport, has just hit a notable milestone. It’s clocked in an impressive 464 km (or 288 miles if you’re in the UK) range under the European WLTP testing protocol. For those not in the know, WLTP is the real deal in testing; it’s like the gold standard for figuring out a car’s range and fuel efficiency. It’s tougher and more realistic than the older NEDC method, considering higher speeds and varied driving conditions.

The Ocean Sport rolls out with 20-inch alloy wheels and is powered by a single-motor, front-wheel-drive setup. It’s a mix of efficiency and fun, offering two driving modes: Earth for the eco-conscious and Fun for the thrill-seekers. The big deal here is how it balances performance, range, and price.

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO at Fisker Inc., said it best: “The range performance confirmed from the intensive WLTP testing procedure reinforces the strength of the Ocean Sport’s offering even further, providing comprehensive performance to meet customers’ needs,”

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Now, let’s talk context. EVs are here to stay, and the stats back it up. The International Energy Agency reported a massive 43% jump in global electric car stock in 2020 alone, hitting 10 million. The Ocean Sport is swimming in competitive waters, with big fish like Tesla’s Model S Long Range reaching up to 405 miles under the EPA tests (note: EPA and WLTP are different testing methods).

This achievement by Fisker isn’t just cheering on one car alone. It’s about the whole EV movement, driving towards a cleaner, cooler future. Fisker is clearly playing its part in this, pushing the envelope in EV technology, battery science, and design.

The Fisker Ocean Sport has raised eyebrows for sure; 288 miles is a respectable range number for an electric SUV in the present-day EV world, going beyond just being eco-friendly. It’s certainly diving into the longer-run possibilities, delivering performance and practicality, too. This is what EV geeks and everyday drivers are looking for. Fisker is making an effort to mix sustainability with style and substance and is trying to solve the issues normal IC vehicle users contemplate before switching to EVs.

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