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Exploring the Scenic Trails of North San Juan: A Hidden Gem in Northern California

January 26, 2023
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Discover a hidden gem in Northern California by exploring the diverse and scenic hiking trails in North San Juan, where you can find a trail that suits your preference from majestic mountains to picturesque coasts and rugged deserts. One such location is the small town of North San Juan in Northern California, which offers scenic hiking trails with breathtaking views.

Despite its history as a former mining hub, the town has since declined and now holds a “near ghost town” status with a population of only 300 residents. However, it has managed to preserve a few historical buildings. Among the trails to explore in this region is the Buttermilk Bend Trail, located 9 miles south of the town, within the South Yuba River State Park. The trail spans 1.2 miles and offers not only natural beauty but also a new upper trail with two bridges crossing the Yuba River.

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Embark on a nature-filled journey just 13 miles from North San Juan on the 2.35-mile natural earth trail. Along the way, hikers have the option to take various spur paths. Discover a plethora of indigenous plant species, as well as a diverse array of wildlife such as bears and mountain lions. It is recommended to not hike alone for safety. The trail also leads to the convergence of the North Yuba River and Middle Yuba River, along with other natural marvels. The 1.6-mile route winds through picturesque, wooded areas that will captivate your senses.

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This trail is a favorite among hikers and mountain bikers, thanks to its breathtaking views and accessibility for people of all fitness levels. With a minimal elevation gain, it’s a leisurely hike or ride. While Northern California is home to many small-town scenic trails, each one offers unique experiences that are sure to delight and inspire. So, lace up your boots, grab a buddy, and head to North San Juan to discover the beauty of the trails in the area.

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