Experience Serenity on Wheels with Citroën’s New Hypnos, a Sanctuary of Light and Luxury!

October 12, 2023
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Citroën’s New Hypnos

Citroën has introduced its limited edition C5 X Hypnos, intertwining elegance, comfort, and a subtle nod to the brand’s historical roots. The Hypnos, a name derived from the Greek god of sleep, promises not just a drive but an experience that encapsulates tranquility and serene travel, embodying a day-and-night contrast between its exterior and interior.

 Citroën’s New Hypnos

The exterior of the C5 X Hypnos is adorned with a new, sophisticated Eclipse Blue colour, subtly enhanced by Infrared red graphic elements, presenting an elegant yet dynamic aesthetic under various lighting conditions. This exterior, while exuding a deep midnight blue, conceals a bright and clear interior, offering a soothing and serene form of travel. The contrast is not merely visual but also symbolic, embodying the chiaroscuro concept, where light and dark coexist in a harmonious balance.

 Citroën’s New Hypnos

The interior, a cocoon of light and airy ambiance, is meticulously crafted with warm materials and light-coloured perforated leather, featuring Citroën’s signature herringbone pattern in the perforations. The seats, upholstered in this light leather, are complemented by grey Alcantara® on the upper parts and headrests, providing a tactile softness and warmth. The Hypnos signature, in a striking Infrared label, is subtly placed on the inside of the backrest, ensuring that the aesthetic does not compromise comfort.

In an era where electric vehicles are becoming the norm, the C5 X Hypnos doesn’t fall short. Available with the 225 ë-EAT8 Plug-in Hybrid engine, it not only adheres to the growing demand for sustainable mobility but also assures versatility and the benefits of daily electric driving. The Hypnos doesn’t merely transport its occupants from one location to another; it promises a journey where one arrives more rested than when they set off.

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The name Hypnos isn’t just a nod to mythology but also a homage to Citroën’s history. In 2008, Citroën unveiled a hybrid concept car named Hypnos, pioneering the development of hybrid vehicles and establishing a new benchmark in the top-of-the-range vehicle category. The C5 X Hypnos, therefore, is not merely a vehicle; it is a symbol, a representation of Citroën’s journey from historical innovation to future mobility.

 Citroën’s New Hypnos

The C5 X Hypnos is not just a vehicle; it is a statement, a representation of what Citroën stands for: a bold concept, distinctive styling, and an unwavering commitment to absolute comfort. The vehicle, while offering a luxurious and calming environment, also provides practicality with features such as a glass sunroof, hi-fi system, and heated, massaging, and ventilated front seats with electric lumbar adjustment.

In a market where consumers are inundated with choices, the C5 X Hypnos stands out, not by being the most extravagant or the most technologically advanced, but by being a vehicle that promises and delivers a serene, tranquil journey. It is a vehicle that does not merely transport but transcends, offering a journey that is as soothing and restorative as the destination.

As orders for this limited edition are already open, with deliveries scheduled for early 2024, the C5 X Hypnos is not just a vehicle; it is an invitation – an invitation to travel with elegance and absolute comfort, an invitation to experience the very best of Citroën, and an invitation to journey into a future where travel is not just movement but an experience of serene mobility.

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