Peugeot’s Inception Concept: A New Age of Electric Cars

February 21, 2023
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French car manufacturer Peugeot has introduced its Inception Concept electric vehicle, which is a reflection of its vision for future electric cars. The concept features advanced technologies, such as 800V technology, and wireless induction charging that can add 149 km of range in just five minutes. The all-electric car is powered by a 100 kWh battery that provides an almost 800 km range and two electric motors that produce almost 680 hp and accelerate from 0 to 100 km in under three seconds. The Hypersquare control system offers a new i-Cockpit and an agile driving experience, which is inspired by video games, steering away from the conventional steering wheel and favouring digital electric controls and steer-by-wire technology. The Peugeot Inception Concept presents a revolutionary exterior design that takes cues from Peugeot’s current model line-up, and its innovative interior offers sustainable ‘moulded textiles’. Peugeot has a vision to introduce the Hypersquare on a next-generation vehicle in the range before the end of the decade.

Peugeot’s new concept also features the STLA Large platform, and technological modules powered by artificial intelligence. Peugeot’s goal is to bring most of its innovations into production, introducing a new, simpler, and more refined design language for the brand that will be launched in 2025. The next generation i-Cockpit includes Stellantis STLA SmartCockpit technology platform and STLA AutoDrive, enabling Level 4 autonomous driving. When driving is delegated, Hypersquare retracts, and a large panoramic screen slides out from the floor to offer a new passenger compartment experience.

The exterior design of the Inception Concept is characterised by its distinctive claw design, which is merged with the front grille to create a single object that houses the sensors. The front grille features three horizontal driving lights and three vertical lights on each side of the illuminated badge, while the sharp angles continue along the vehicle. The Inception concept’s short bonnet makes way for a large glass windscreen that extends below the grille, giving drivers an expansive view of the road ahead.

The interior of the Inception Concept has a minimal cockpit, providing a completely open view of the road. It does without a dashboard, crossbar, and bulkhead, and the seats are covered with a velvet made from 100% recycled polyester, which extends onto the floor and features 3D patterns to act as a floor mat. Scraps of 100% polyester fabric are re-used to make load-bearing or trim parts.

Over the next two years, Peugeot will launch five new 100% electric models, and by 2030, all Peugeot cars sold in Europe will be electric. The introduction of the Peugeot Inception Concept heralds a new era for the French car manufacturer, signalling its commitment to developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly vehicles. The Hypersquare control system, the i-Cockpit, and the use of sustainable materials set the Inception Concept apart from the rest, presenting an innovative and eco-friendly vision for the future of cars.

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