European Commission Endorses Fidelis New Energy’s Norne Hub, Boosting EU’s Climate Strategy

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Fidelis New Energy
Rendering of one of Norne’s liquid CO2 receiving facilities in Aalborg, Denmark. Source- FNE

In a significant stride for European climate initiatives, the Norne Carbon Storage Hub, initiated by Fidelis New Energy in 2021, has been recognized as a Project of Common Interest by the European Commission. This project, with its roots in Denmark, aims to establish a large-scale CO2 transportation and storage network, vital for the continent’s decarbonization ambitions.

Situated in Aalborg, Denmark, Norne’s liquid CO2 receiving facilities stand as key components of this endeavor. The EU’s recent endorsement came during the CCUS-Forum in Aalborg, where several European nations, including Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden, reinforced their commitment to cross-border infrastructure for carbon management by signing the Aalborg Declaration.

Ulrik Weuder of Fidelis New Energy Europe highlights the project’s pan-European focus, aiming to decarbonize not just Denmark but neighboring countries as well. With an advantageous geographical and geological setting, Denmark is poised to become a leader in carbon management, fostering investment and industrial growth in Northern Europe.

Dan Shapiro and Bengt Jarlsjo of Fidelis emphasize the strategic importance of the Norne Carbon Storage Hub in both Danish and European climate strategies, particularly for industries that are traditionally challenging to decarbonize. They underline the hub’s role in maintaining global competitiveness and job preservation in Europe.

Fidelis New Energy, the driving force behind this project, specializes in developing and operating energy transition infrastructure. They focus on projects that reduce carbon intensity by integrating new and proven technologies.

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Another key development is the collaboration between Carbon Centric AS and Fidelis. Carbon Centric, a leader in carbon management, plans to install capture equipment at client facilities, targeting at least 800,000 tons of CO2 storage annually with Norne by 2027. This partnership marks a milestone in decarbonizing smaller and medium-sized emitters in Northern Europe.

Fidelis announced Norne’s operations commencement in 2027, with a goal to store over 20 million tonnes of CO2 annually by 2030. This aligns with Denmark’s ambitious climate targets for 2030 and 2050. Carbon Centric, complementing this, offers turnkey carbon capture solutions, particularly for waste and biomass plants, reducing emissions without hefty investment costs.

Kenneth Juul of Carbon Centric appreciates Norne’s scalability and the opportunity it provides for expanding activities in Denmark, aiming for large-scale CO2 reductions and comprehensive CCUS solutions.

In summary, the Norne Carbon Storage Hub, backed by Fidelis New Energy and in collaboration with Carbon Centric, represents a crucial step in European decarbonization efforts. It showcases an integrated approach to carbon management, blending innovation with practical solutions to tackle climate challenges.

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