Tata Renewable’s 1.4 GW Group Captive Projects: An Essential Milestone in Solar Energy

November 26, 2023
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Solar Panel Plant
Solar Panel Plant, Tata Power

Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited (TPREL), a Tata Power subsidiary, has hit a big milestone in solar energy – they’ve reached 1.4 GW capacity in group captive projects. This leap happened in just seven months, thanks to agreements with industries, like collaborations with Tata Steel and Tata Motors, among others. They’re also building a 41MW solar plant for Tata Power’s huge 4.3GW solar facility in Tamil Nadu.

TPREL’s CEO, Deepesh Nanda, sees this as a big step for sustainability and India’s green energy goals. He’s proud of their custom clean energy solutions for different industries. As of October 2023, TPREL’s total renewable capacity is 7,961 MW. This includes 3,755 MW in the pipeline and 4,206 MW operating, with 3,200 MW from solar and 1,006 MW from wind. They’ve got even more renewable projects lined up.

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TPREL handles all sorts of renewable projects, like solar, wind, hybrids, and even storage systems, and offers full green energy solutions. They’ve got a solar manufacturing plant in Bengaluru and plan another massive 4.3 GW plant in Tamil Nadu. They also do EV charging and other renewable sector services. Their total renewable utility capacity is 7,961 MW, with 3,755 MW underway and 4,206 MW running.

Tata Power, TPREL’s parent, is a big name in India’s power sector and part of the Tata Group. They’ve got a diverse 14,399 MW portfolio and are pushing for a clean energy future. With 5,539 MW of clean energy, they’re aiming for carbon neutrality by 2045. They offer rooftop solar, microgrids, storage solutions, and EV charging infrastructure, serving about 12.9 million customers in India.

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