Earth’s Atmosphere Claims Another Starlink Satellite as it Faces Technical Issues

April 6, 2023
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One of SpaceX’s mini Starlink satellites has reentered Earth’s atmosphere and likely burned up following technical issues. As per experts, the satellite, numbered 30062, entered the atmosphere & fell back to Earth on April 3rd, off the coast of California.

This comes after as many as 40 Starlink satellites fell from the sky and burned off in February 2022 due to an unexpected solar storm. Starlink is a constellation of satellites developed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX to deliver satellite Internet coverage to over 50 countries.

Starlink is planning to serve the GCC region in the near future through a partnership between IEC Telecom and Thuraya. Three of the Starlink V2 Minis were on route to reach their operational orbits, while one underwent a controlled deorbit maneuver.

The partnership with IEC Telecom could usher in a new era for the region’s agriculture and maritime sector operations, as well as speed up rescue and rehabilitation operations in disaster-struck areas. The V2 Mini that recently reentered Earth’s atmosphere could be the first of many more to come, but it still remains unknown. SpaceX needs its heavy-lift Starship rocket to carry its full-sized next-generation satellites.

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