E-Trike by Vook: Where Traditional Meets Futuristic in E-Mobility!

September 8, 2023
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Vook’s E-Trike, a hybrid electric three-wheeler, is making waves in the e-mobility sector, promising to redefine how we perceive personal transportation. With its Indiegogo campaign nearly 200% funded, the Delaware-based company aims to launch the E-Trike by December 2023. The trike’s design is a fusion of traditional bicycle elements and futuristic aesthetics, featuring a front wheel controlled by normal handlebars and two smaller, “puncture-proof” rear wheels. Under the hood, the E-Trike is powered by a formidable 3,000-watt nominal motor, peaking at an impressive 6,000 watts. Riders can choose between four distinct ride modes: Safe, Eco, Sport, and Boost, offering top speeds ranging from 11 to 40 miles per hour. The Vook E-Trike comes with two battery pack options: a 30 Ampere-hour pack offering up to 80 miles of range, and a 50 Ampere-hour pack that extends the range to 110 miles. Charging the battery is a breeze, taking between 2.5 to 4 hours depending on the battery size and charger used.

The trike’s frame is constructed from durable 6160 aluminum and is available in four color options: Atlantic Night Blue, Deep Green, Rosso Metis, and Cracked Pepper. The 20-inch front wheel sports a fat, knobby tire, while the 6.5-inch rear wheels feature a slightly less aggressive tread. Each wheel is equipped with a brake disc for the regenerative braking system, enhancing energy efficiency. The E-Trike weighs in at 88 pounds, making it a relatively lightweight option for an electric vehicle of its capabilities.

The vehicle’s seat is made of imitation-leather-lined fiberglass, designed to accommodate a wide range of body types. A waterproof LCD display screen provides real-time information, including speed, battery status, and GPS location. The E-Trike also boasts built-in front and rear cameras, enhancing safety by helping riders stay aware of their surroundings. A fingerprint sensor offers a secure and convenient startup method, eliminating the need for traditional keys. The trike also features smartphone connectivity, allowing for remote tracking and battery status checks. An accompanying app enables users to limit the top speed outside the preset Drive Modes, offering an extra layer of customization. The vehicle is equipped with five USB ports, ensuring that your digital devices stay charged during long rides.

Despite its innovative features, the E-Trike lacks a suspension system, raising questions about ride comfort on uneven terrains. Vook has yet to clarify the technology behind its “puncture-proof” tires, leaving some room for skepticism. The seating position is relatively low, which could pose challenges for individuals with joint issues or certain body types. The E-Trike comes in three trims, all featuring rear hub motors but varying in battery size and tech amenities. The Lite model, priced at $1,500 for early adopters, offers a reduced power output of 1,500 watts and a top speed of 20 mph. The standard 30-Ah model starts at $2,300, while the top-tier 50-Ah model is priced at $2,500, both subject to change as they are “super-early bird” prices.

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The trike also includes motion sensors and cruise control, adding to its list of high-tech features. A storage case located between the rear wheels is spacious enough to hold the portable battery and a 14-inch laptop. Vook has set a rider weight limit of 120kg or 264.5 pounds for the E-Trike. The company claims that the front fat tire and the seat design are intended to compensate for the lack of a suspension system, aiming to provide a comfortable ride.

With its adult-sized range and features, the E-Trike is not just a toy; it’s a serious contender in the evolving landscape of e-mobility. As a prototype still in development, the E-Trike has already garnered significant attention, signaling a strong appetite for unconventional electric vehicles. While the E-Trike offers a plethora of features and customization options, its price point may make potential buyers weigh its advantages against similarly priced e-bikes. If Vook delivers on its promises, the E-Trike could very well become the next big thing in personal electric vehicle transportation. As the countdown to its December release continues, all eyes are on Vook to see if the E-Trike will live up to the hype and bring in a fresh new wave to the e-mobility sector.

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