Dive into Warmth with Deep Green’s Innovative Server-Heated Pools in Devon

October 7, 2023
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Deep Green’s Server-Heated Pools

Ah, the British weather! Where you can experience all four seasons in a single day. But down in Devon, something’s bubbling up in the local swimming pool, and it’s not just the warm water. Deep Green, a tech start-up, has found a way to give the chilly British waters a bit of a cosy hug, while also doing a solid for our planet.

The Nuts and Bolts of It

Imagine this: a box, about the size of your washing machine, humming away quietly beneath the swimming pool. Inside, servers are working away, surrounded by mineral oil. Now, these aren’t just any servers. They’re the heart of a ‘digital boiler’, capturing and transferring the heat they produce to keep the pool at a toasty 30°C for a good chunk of the time.

Mark Bjornsgaard, the brain behind Deep Green, puts it quite simply: “Data centres are literally heating the world, we want to put it to more sustainable and socially-responsible uses that benefit communities.”

A Bit of Community Spirit

Deep Green isn’t just keeping toes warm; they’re also keeping community costs down. They’ve popped their digital boiler into Exmouth Leisure Centre’s pool at no extra cost and are even covering the electricity bills. Sean Day, the chap running the leisure centre, couldn’t be happier, “Looking at different ways of how we can save money as an organisation has been awesome.”

Making Waves Across the Pond

But the story doesn’t end in Devon. Seven other pools across England have dived into the scheme, and enquiries are flooding in from across the UK and Europe. It’s not just about warm waters; it’s about bringing data centres closer to communities, reducing latency, and making tech like 5G streaming and self-driving cars a smoother ride for everyone.

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A Toasty Solution to a Global Chill

Energy prices are skyrocketing, and swimming pools across the UK are feeling the pinch. Deep Green’s solution is like a warm cuppa in the midst of a power crisis – comforting and unexpectedly simple. It’s a small step, but it’s a step taken with community and environment at its heart.

A Future of Warm Waters and Cool Tech?

Deep Green’s initiative is a heartening example of what happens when tech and community come together. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the solutions to our big problems can be found in the most unexpected of places – like beneath the local swimming pool.

In a nutshell, it’s about keeping the community spirit alive, embracing a bit of good old British ingenuity, and perhaps, just perhaps, ensuring that the next generation can still enjoy a warm dip on a chilly day. So here’s to warm pools, cool servers, and a future where tech and community swim along together nicely. Cheers, Deep Green!

David Dixon
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