Cyclone Emnati Becomes The Third  Cyclone To Hit  Madagascar In A Month

February 20, 2022
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Source - Zoom Earth

Just a few days back Madagascar was hit by a strong tropical cyclone known as Batsirai. The country was reeling due to the destruction caused by Storm Ana, when Batsirai made its landfall.

Both the storms had different natures but effects resulted in destruction similar in many ways. A death toll nearing 200 were the direct results of the two storms.

Now another tropical cyclone Emnati has arisen in the Indian Ocean and it is moving towards Madagascar. Fortunately Emnati is heading south east hence Reunion & Mauritius will miss it s wrath. But it has at least caused heavy rainfalls in these island states. Previous storms didn’t miss both the islands and their land fall caused plenty of destruction.

Madagascar is still vulnerable after Cyclone Batsirai & Cyclone Emnati is steadily inching towards Madagascar. That means the people of Madagascar will have no respite. Even if they are least contributors for climate change, they are facing a majority of its effects.

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