Cuba Now Has A New Marine Protected Area Known As The Este del Archipiélago de Los Colorados

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Turtles, manatees & groupers – all these  sea creatures can now exist without any disturbance  in a new area of Cuba designated as M P A or Marine Protected Area. The new marine protected area off the country’s northwestern coast is known as the Este del Archipiélago de Los Colorados.

The new MPA spans 728 sq Kms(281 sq miles).It will provide protection to a number of species-turtles, manatees  & reef fish like snappers & groupers. The MPA is established with the support of fishing community since the Protected Area helps to replenish fish stocks.

The MPA covers 28.5% of Cuba’s marine continental shelf. Natalia Rossi, the Cuba country Director for the Wildlife Conservation Society(WCS), an organisation that helped to implement the MPA, says that the new Area  will help conservation of old species of marine life while nurturing the new ones,

region hosts a range of other endangered marine species of turtles, fish &American crocodiles.A third of the M P A comprises the Sam Carlson Wildlife Refuge, a 272 sq kms (105 sq miles)of the ocean where fishing will not be allowed.The remaining two thirds  of the Area will allow fishing under certain conditions. Thus Cuba has tried to maintain a balance between  its economic & ecological interests.

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