A Sustainable Material Made From Wasted Seashells

February 26, 2022
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Newtab-22 is a material-led design studio co-founded by Hyein Choi and Jihee Moon. The designer duo based out of Seoul and London started from Royal College of Art in 2019. They seek beneficial and intriguing properties of materials, trying to bring them into modern life with their designs. They aim to critically bring sustainability into society with the outcome of their work. Their latest invention is a sustainable material made from waste seashells. Hyein and Jihee have named it ‘Sea Stone’

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The Sea Stone used by them is a sustainable material which in reality is composed of natural, non-toxic ingredients and binders. It features solid, hardness and aesthetic texture like a stone. With their work, they suggest the possibilities for today and tomorrow, facilitating innovative experiments whole following the aesthetically pleasing aspect of nature itself. They intend to integrate Sea Stone to the connection from debris state to the beautiful home interior objects.

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