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Oxygen Park to replace the 35 year old Pirana Landfill In Ahmedabad

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The Pirana Landfill of Ahmedabad continues to be a menace to the environment, while spreading over an area of 84 hectares, it parades three 55 metre mounds of garbage. After 35 years of jeopardising the environment by contributing to all kinds of pollution and spreading excessively detrimental diseases, this malignant landfill will be converted to an Oxygen Park. 

The Pirana dump has been a huge concern for the city’s environment since the 1980s. With an overwhelming amount of 1.25 crores metric tonnes of garbage, the clearance of this dumping site is long due. The environmental tumour of the city will turn into the Green lungs and serve as a spot of tranquility and fresh air for the public.  

“We will clear 25 acres of Pirana Dump and the vacant land will give way for green Plantation. Like Bhopal, AMC will deodorise the soil before carrying out plantation” said the Municipal commissioner of Ahmedabad, Mukesh Kumar. Bhopal finished its reclamation of a 37 acre landfill which is nearly 30 years old.

The AMC has been leveling the mound of garbage which once completed will be followed by the aeration and deodorisation of the soil. The sanitized soil then will be sprayed with a non-hazardous mixture of mineral and herbal components to accelerate the decomposition of organic waste matter in a controlled manner. 

Next, a variety of 55 plantations including fruit bearing trees and attractive shrubs will be planted, which will serve as an aesthetically pleasing view as well as attract birds and animals. In the midst of the greenery, pathways for walking will also be constructed for people to walk and exercise.  

Until now, 36 lakh metric tonnes of garbage has been successfully removed and estimates to clear out the entire site in three years at this pace. Nonetheless, the first step has already been taken in turning a part of the landfill into an oxygen park.

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