Climate Crisis Escalates: 45 Million Face Hunger, 160 Million Children Grapple with Severe Drought

April 30, 2024
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Detail of Hunger - Sculpture by Ahad Hosseini - Azerbaijan Museum - Tabriz - Iranian Azerbaijan - Iran
Detail of Hunger - Sculpture by Ahad Hosseini - Azerbaijan Museum - Tabriz - Iranian Azerbaijan - Iran, Photo Credit: Adam Jones (CC BY 2.0 DEED)

One of the greatest drivers of poverty and hunger is climate change. It has affected 45 million people worldwide, including 21 million children. Droughts and floods are on the rise, and the unreliability of seasons is felt by communities all over the world. Everyone is affected by the climate crisis, but girls and boys are the most vulnerable segment of the population. About 1 billion children across the world are now living in countries at extremely high risk of climate change and environmental hazards. Almost one among two children is affected by violent storms, droughts, and floods. Around 3.2 billion people are affected by land degradation, and over 160 million children are living in areas of high-level drought.

Many organizations are working to lessen the suffering caused by climate change. World Vision is one of them. One of their strategies is climate-smart agriculture. This approach attempts to improve agricultural production. It aims to increase adaptation to climate change (CC) and also helps to reduce CC, wherever possible. Regreening communities is one of their projects. This project tries to address CC and the exploitation of natural resources by guiding communities through a participatory environmental recreation.

World Vision aims to improve the world of children. For this purpose, they encourage children to be adopted by those who can do so. World Vision works in the following areas: Child health and nutrition, Education, Livelihood and Resilience, Gender and Women Empowerment, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Disability, Disaster Management. It has a World Vision India Section too.

Here’s the information about World Vision’s work formatted as a list:

  • 108,420 children have access to basic handwashing systems at an education facility.
  • 83,332 children (0-59 months) reached by a trained community health worker.
  • 41,221 children and youth participated in actions that support ending violence against children.
  • 6.6 million people reached through the COVID-19 Emergency Response.
  • 75,387 children aged 6-18 completed the life skills education for transformation modules.
  • 6,351 children with disabilities are part of the World Vision India program.

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