CleanChoice Energy’s Bold Move: Acquires 25 MW Solar Project Set to Power 4,500 Pennsylvania Homes

November 6, 2023
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CleanChoice Energy has just made a smart play in the solar power game by snapping up a new solar project in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. This isn’t just any project; it’s a hefty 25.15 MWdc setup that’s going to spread out over 168 acres. That’s a lot of solar panels catching rays to pump clean energy into the PJM electric grid, courtesy of FirstEnergy.

Now, let’s talk timing. CleanChoice is rolling up its sleeves to start construction and by the end of 2024, they’re planning to flip the switch on this solar farm. When it’s up and running, we’re talking about enough juice to power around 4,500 homes. That’s a lot of light bulbs!

Zoe Gamble, the head honcho at CleanChoice, put it like this: “The solar project is the first of several planned projects as we begin to realize our strategy for a farm-to-table buildout that will enable us to make renewable energy more accessible for more people.” They’re not just building solar farms; they’re making it easier for folks to get their hands on clean energy.

This move is a big deal for CleanChoice because it marks their first step into owning the kind of projects that put clean, green energy right onto the grid. And they’re not stopping at solar. This project is just one piece of a bigger 500 MW development portfolio they’ve got cooking.

CleanChoice isn’t new to the energy scene. Since 2012, they’ve been hooking up households across the U.S. with 100% pollution-free energy. They’re all about wind and solar, and pretty soon, they’ll be adding their own solar projects into the mix.

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With this project, CleanChoice is planting its flag as the first independent green gen-tailer in the U.S. That’s industry speak for a company that generates all its power from renewable sources and sells it straight to the consumer. No middlemen, no fuss.

The energy world is watching because this isn’t just about making a profit. It’s about changing the way we power our lives. CleanChoice is tackling some big challenges head-on, like how to keep the lights on when the sun isn’t shining and how to make sure folks can afford the switch to green power.

They’re also tapping into something bigger—a cultural shift. People want energy that doesn’t leave a mark on the planet, and CleanChoice is delivering it right to their doorsteps.

This isn’t just about CleanChoice, though. It’s about setting the stage for a future where clean energy is the norm. It’s about showing that solar power isn’t just good for the earth; it’s good for business too.

So, as CleanChoice gets to work on their new solar project, they’re not just building a farm; they’re sowing the seeds for a cleaner, greener future. And that’s something that’ll benefit all of us.

Sunita Somvanshi

With over two decades of dedicated service in the state environmental ministry, this seasoned professional has cultivated a discerning perspective on the intricate interplay between environmental considerations and diverse industries. Sunita is armed with a keen eye for pivotal details, her extensive experience uniquely positions her to offer insightful commentary on topics ranging from business sustainability and global trade's environmental impact to fostering partnerships, optimizing freight and transport for ecological efficiency, and delving into the realms of thermal management, logistics, carbon credits, and energy transition. Through her writing, she not only imparts valuable knowledge but also provides a nuanced understanding of how businesses can harmonize with environmental imperatives, making her a crucial voice in the discourse on sustainable practices and the future of industry.

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