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Chess Champ Malika Handa’s Angry Tweet Might Just Be The Tip Of The Iceberg

Malika who has won several medals and competitions was seen angry and deeply hurt for not receiving the promised support form the government.

Malika Handa, A deaf and dumb Chess Champion, posted an angry video on Twitter slamming the Punjab sports minister. Handa, blamed govt for failing keep their promises. Malika who has won several medals and competitions was seen angry and deeply hurt for not receiving the promised support form the government.

Pragat Singh, a minister, stated that there isn’t any policy to support deaf sports individuals like Malika. She is the first Indian ever to win an International Deaf and Dumb Chess Championship gold medal.

Malika is unknowingly representing for the deaf sportsman across the country and her movement will hopefully improve the current conditions. She explains her story through a series of tweets and expresses her unhappiness.

PT Usha’s Support To Protesting Athletes

PT Usha, the legendary Indian sprinter recently came forward in support of protesting athletes in the state of Kerala. 249 athletes won medals and also won in various events on national level. They were promised state jobs but out of 249 athletes, only 195 actually got it. Now 54 of them are protesting for what they were promised.

Usha told The Bridge “Most athletes hail from not so well-off families. It would help them focus on their pursuits with peace of mind if they have a job.” Not only a steady income, but the jobs would also offer a sense of security for the athletes.

Devraj Singh, A Pole Vaulter Who Is Working As A Guard To Keep His Dreams Alive

In another instance a pole vaulter Devraj Singh, as a security guard to keep his dream alive. He is originally from Rajasthan but now working in the night as security guard. Because of no financial help or support, Devraj had no choice but find a job.

With all the difficulties he hasn’t left his dream to represent India. “I have a dream to do well in the Pole vault in the Olympics and international tournaments but I have no money. So, I have to work as a security guard in the night shift to earn money,” Devraj Singh told ANI.

Four Suicides In The Shooting Fraternity Pushes The Importance Of Mental Health Support

Shooters Namanveer Singh Brar, Hunardeep Singh Sohal, Khushseerat Kaur Sandhu and followed by Konica Layak recently, all committed suicide. Abhinav Bindra an Olympic gold medalist, urged the National Rifle Association of India to pay attention on mental health of athletes. He offered help through his foundation in the field of mental health.

Throwback Incidents Highlighting The Dismay Conditions Of Sports Contrasting To Cricket

As Indian Hockey is celebrating men’s teams win against Pakistan, many have forgotten the conditions Indian Hockey was facing a decade ago. They didn’t even have shoes to wear for the Asian Championship match. Back then Rajpal Singh explained how there was a massive difference the treatment Indian cricketers receive and how the Indian hockey players receive.

In the same year, 2011, players from Anand XI football club were asked to clean the Indore stadium before the WC match between IND & WI. The footballers went ahead and cleaned the stadium to buy new pair of shoes.

Many incidents including lack of support go unreported in the Indian sports fraternity. Many carry on with no expectations from the system. Hence, some news that are reported end up being shocking.

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