Auctions For Rainforest Of Congo, Floods in kentucky, Iran & Dubai, 900 km Highway through Amazon & More – Weekly News 

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• After 27 years Dubai and adjoining area were flooded due to unexpected heavy rains. Relief & rescue operations were in full swing . Kentucky in the USA suffered heavily last week due to rains & floods. Around 29 dead & 23,000 houses were damaged owing to storms. Iran on the other hand faced week long floods caused by heavy rains.

• ’SaveAarey’ fight against Metro car shed in the much valued forests of Mumbai has landed in the Supreme Court of India. The Green activists wanted Kanjur land to be used for all car sheds.Aarey Milk Colony is one of the ever green areas attracting tourists.

• According to ornithologists many birds changed their migratory routes due to climate change. The feathered creatures also shrank in their body frames. In the UK many birds did not migrate this season due to hot weather.

• Brazilian President Bolsonaro celebrated a permit to pave a 900 km highway through Amazon forest.Researchers & environmentalists believe that paving will lead to mass clearing of pristine rain forest.

• DRC Congo is going to auction endangered gorilla habitat for oil & gas permits. Congolese rain forests, other than mountain gorillas, is home to world’s largest peat lands. Peat lands are one of the most carbon sinks.

• Delhi Govt aims to research on frothing on Yamuna river & microplastics in ground water. The Govt Plans to identify pollution hot spots along the Yamuna river & also sources of micro plastic contamination in groundwater.

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