Antarctica’s Growing Popularity Fuels Conservation Efforts in the Polar Wonderland: Cruising for a Cause

June 20, 2023
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Source: Hurtigruten Expeditions, Facebook

Earth’s least-populated continent, Antarctica, is becoming a popular tourist destination thanks to the advancement in cruise industry. One company leading the charge is Hurtigruten Expeditions, which made a remarkable commitment at the beginning of its 2022/2023 Antarctica season. The company pledged to donate 100% of the proceeds from its unique “Camping in Antarctica, An Amundsen Night” experience to its non-profit arm, the Hurtigruten Foundation. This generous campaign raised an impressive sum of €371,482, enabling a record number of guests to contribute to the preservation of the environments they visit. Henrik Lund, the managing director of Hurtigruten Foundation, highlighted the importance of travelers wanting to take personal responsibility for the planet through activities that have tangible effects, such as beach clean-ups and citizen science projects. He emphasized the foundation’s commitment to developing new ways for guests to actively participate in preserving nature, wildlife, and local communities.

The Hurtigruten Foundation has a specific focus on projects that protect and preserve local communities in various regions. For example, the foundation supports summer camps in Greenland, the Cordova Chamber of Commerce’s regenerative tourism initiative, and a watch group in the Falkland Islands that educates children about conservation. One of the grant recipients, the Oxen Expedition Engagement Network, works alongside Hurtigruten Expeditions to promote community tourism development, creating more opportunities for travelers to connect with locals during their voyage. In the ever-growing field of Antarctic travel, Atlas Ocean Voyages is among the companies offering multiday excursions to this extreme region. The company acknowledges the unpredictable weather conditions and powerful currents created by the meeting of the cold Southern Ocean and warm northern seawater. Despite these challenges, the cruises navigate through renowned areas like the Drake Passage and Lemaire Channel, offering breathtaking views of monumental ice cliffs.

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According to the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, approximately 40,000 people visit Antarctica annually on expeditions. Major companies such as Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Lines, and Atlas Ocean Voyages operate in the Antarctic. The tourism season begins in late October or early November and continues until mid-March. Travelers cherish glimpses of various wildlife species, including penguins, humpback whales, hourglass dolphins, elephant seals, and numerous birds. While icebergs have historically posed risks to cruise liners worldwide, stringent safety measures are in place for Antarctic voyages. Multiple agencies, such as the International Ice Patrol and the U.S. National Ice Center, regularly monitor and provide updates to the maritime community. Ships rely on advanced technology and ice detection systems to avoid icebergs, as not all features are trackable. To maintain the pristine environment, operators must notify their home governments of their intentions and submit detailed environmental impact assessments. Ships are also required to burn lighter-grade fuels while in the Antarctic Treaty Area.

Hurtigruten Foundation’s successful “Camping in Antarctica” fundraiser marks a significant milestone, with over one million NOK distributed in a single round. The foundation has chosen 14 projects for its 2023 grants, all aligned with its mission to combat climate change, strengthen local communities, and combat unsustainable mass tourism. The foundation recognizes the pivotal role played by guests who participated in the campaign and aims to provide more opportunities for them to engage in scientific research and community involvement. The “Camping in Antarctica” experience, offering up to 30 spaces per voyage, provides participants with a chance to camp like the early explorers and create a unique connection with the continent. Furthermore, the foundation extends its support to several projects in its Citizen Science program, empowering organizations at the forefront of scientific research and encouraging data collection efforts by guests. Hurtigruten Expeditions and the Hurtigruten Foundation are at the forefront of responsible and impactful tourism in Antarctica, responding to the growing demand for meaningful travel experiences that contribute to the preservation of our planet’s most fragile and awe-inspiring environments.

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