AIBOT's eVTOL Partnership
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AIBOT’s eVTOL Ambitions Take Flight with Honeywell’s Cutting-Edge Technology

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In a significant move for the eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) industry, Honeywell and AIBOT are joining forces. Honeywell will provide its Compact Fly-By-Wire system (cFBW) to AIBOT’s electric aircraft, enhancing the avionics and supporting a sustainable transport ecosystem.

This cFBW system, surprisingly small yet powerful, eliminates the need for traditional mechanical controls, streamlining aircraft maintenance and cutting costs. It enables remote operation, converting pilot instructions into flight commands, and includes a safety feature to ensure stable operations, especially crucial for unmanned vehicles.

David Shilliday of Honeywell highlights this collaboration as a step forward in sustainable flight, drawing on Honeywell’s extensive experience in commercial aviation systems. AIBOT’s eVTOL aircraft, capable of carrying six passengers plus a pilot, stands out with its eight electric motors. It boasts a 7,000-pound maximum takeoff weight, a 250-mile range, and a top speed of 250 mph, ideal for short trips between cities.

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AIBOT’s Executive Chairman, Jerry Wang, emphasizes the importance of this partnership in advancing their high-tech, AI-driven eVTOL platform. This collaboration paves the way for AIBOT’s future production of autonomous aircraft for various industries, including cargo and medical deliveries, with plans for a manned aircraft’s inaugural flight in 2025 and full delivery by 2028.

In another development, AIBOT received a $15 million CalCompetes grant from California, highlighting its impact on the eVTOL sector and job creation. This funding will aid in R&D, flight testing, and manufacturing, with AIBOT planning to create nearly 700 jobs and invest around $500 million in California. This grant is a vote of confidence in AIBOT’s role in advancing aerial mobility and affirms California’s commitment to innovative, sustainable technologies.

The partnership between Honeywell and AIBOT, along with the significant CalCompetes grant, marks a critical step in the evolution of the eVTOL industry, blending advanced technology with sustainable practices to shape the future of urban air mobility.

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