A Bench That Collects Water For Plants

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Barbara Standeart, an Antwerp based Interior Architect. She has worked on many sustainable projects and won multiple awards. She is a minimalist by night, color addict during the day. Barbara Standaert knows that materials and colors are inextricably linked. Amongst many designs, Barbara’s Water Bench is the most significant and has many sustainable uses. The water bench basically collects water for the plants that are incorporated in it.

She has designed “The Water Bench”. An innovative product that can bring a positive change in urban garden watering systems. The Water Bench has a porous surface allowing the water to percolate through. Hence enabling persistent water supply to the plants incorporated in the bench.

“It is important to keep searching, to keep testing and to keep combining until the right match is created,” Barbara explained. Her projects Tiltable and Water Bench are minimal and sustainable artworks. She has done her Master of Interior Architecture from University of Antwerp, Belgium. Her work revolves around sustainability, minimalism and innovation with a hint of playful contrast colours.

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