Zero One Malibu Leads with Eco-Sustainability in Luxury Home Design

December 22, 2023
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Poliform Residential Malibu Luxury Home Design
Poliform Residential Malibu Luxury Home Design

Douglas Burdge and Burdge Architects systematically built the first carbon-neutral home in Malibu, California. “Zero One” a first carbon-neutral home, built in collaboration with renowned architects, engineers, and botanical and sustainability experts. “Zero One” is a good example of sustainable excellence. The house meets the zero carbon certification criteria set by ILFI. “Zero One” (the home) quantifies energy consumption and embodies carbon throughout the building process, reducing both active and embodied carbon emissions and balancing it with renewable energy.

467 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL. Image Credit: 2006-2023 Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC.

The 1340 sq.m. (14,429 sq. ft.) home is powered entirely by renewable energy and green electricity, Estimating 32 million USD, the modern, single-story, home includes six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a variety of amenities to ensure the user’s well-being both inside and outside the home.

Exterior Front with wide openings with greenspace surround. Image Credit: TANVEER BADAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Zero One focuses on environmental responsibility, so the home is designed with energy solutions that support productivity, conservation and clean energy. To reduce dependence on traditional water sources, a rainwater harvesting system was installed and the house is completely self-sufficient, powered mainly by solar panels.

water vapour fireplace. Image Credit: TANVEER BADAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Set on 2.48 hectares with sea views, “Zero One” offers a zero-carbon living environment, including electrical and mechanical fixtures and appliances, as well as a kitchen garden. By replacing traditional fireplaces with water vapour fireplaces, architect Douglas Burdge and the team solved the carbon emissions problem of traditional fireplaces.

Roof consisting of three skylights and fixed solar panels © TANVEER BADAL PHOTOGRAPHY

The architectural design of “Zero One” has solid lines, and open spaces that combine modernity with the surrounding environment. The house has huge openings facing the panoramic views of the sea which eliminates the high use of artificial lights. The open-concept living, kitchen and dining entertainment area has 20-foot ceilings and skylights, as advertised in the online images. In terms of sustainable materials, Zero One uses 30% locally sourced wood and 99% recycled aluminium. The foundation is made of raised timber instead of a concrete slab. FSC-engineered wood has been utilized instead of steel frames. In the insulation process, the cellulose is blown into recycled material.

 Interior ceiling cladding with Accoya acetylated wood © TANVEER BADAL PHOTOGRAPHY

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The home includes an eco-friendly landscape that uses a water irrigation system to conserve it. The two-acre site has 317 mature trees and cost millions of dollars in landscaping. The home features a 4,250-square-foot main room with 20-foot Accoya acetylated wooden ceilings, American white oak floors, skylights, glass walls, a wet bar and a kitchen with Miele appliances and Caesarstone countertops.

Outdoor Garden Space With Raised Vegetable Beds. Image Credit: TANVEER BADAL PHOTOGRAPHY

From the words of Scott Morris, the Net Zero Carbon Developer of the ZERO series explains “Propane is commonly used in swimming pools as they produce a lot of carbon dioxide. We wanted to know how to heat a pool without releasing toxins. A heat pump is the best option. The heat pump operates by whole-house electricity from the renewable energy grid, and the greatest thing is that it excels as a gas water heater in maintaining the pool at 80 degrees with the cover on all the time. Considering this is a saltwater pool, it eliminates all toxic chemicals.  

 Saltwater pool. Image Credit: TANVEER BADAL PHOTOGRAPHY

The property includes a sustainable fruit and vegetable garden, two beehives for collecting honey, as well as a beekeeper and regenerative farmer.

Marisol Malibu Zero One combines luxury with environmental responsibility, showcasing sustainable living and suggesting the potential of innovative architecture to create a carbon-free future. This happens as an attempt to grow while reducing the negative impact on the environment.

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