White Moose Spotted In Sweden, Triggering The Old Video Going Viral

August 26, 2022
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Moose are part of the Cervidae family, which includes cervids, caribou, deer, moose, and wapiti. White moose have also been spotted in Alaska and Canada. The moose appears to be entirely white, with soft white velvet coating even its antlers. Despite the animal’s all-white appearance, its coloring does not result from albinism, a congenital condition that results in a loss of pigmentation. These North American regions are also home to more abundant predators. According to the BBC, there are only 100 white Moose in Sweden.

Recently, a Moose was taking a dip in the water in Sweden went viral. The video was originally shared by Hans Nilsson in 2017. It was again shared by a person named Gabriele Coron on Twitter. Gebriele Coron is Executive director of Mckinsey & Company. The video has gone viral and got more than 13 million views. Gebriele shares so many videos about birds and animals. In this video Gabriele mentioned hans nilsson name in his description. The video shows the moose taking a quick swim in the pond, and after getting out, it shook off all the water from its body.

There are numerous comments on the video where the netizens trolled about the proper description. “The Moosa might be crossing the stream,” says a user.

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