White House Launches Crisis Hotline for LGBTQ + Kids Amid Nationwide Bans on Transgender Procedures

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The Biden administration is pressing for a crisis hotline for children following a sweep of bills blocking transgender procedures for children nationwide. Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, announced the new initiative during a press conference. The administration is trying to balance out the series of anti-LGBTQ bills that have become law in states across America.

The hotline offers helpful guidance to children dealing with issues of sexuality and gender. Jean-Pierre advised “LGBTQI+ kids” to connect with the national crisis hotline if they feel dejected by the new legislation. The hotline offers various forms of help, including counseling support for LGBTQI+ children feeling overwhelmed by political attacks.

The initiative comes during a week that witnessed three anti-LGBTQ laws enacted in Kansas, Indiana, and Idaho. Critics of the anti-LGBTQ bills believe that they are based on irrelevant fears and prejudices and could harm the mental health and well-being of affected children. The hotline is a new service that the Biden administration is proud to offer during these incredibly hard times for these trans kids.

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